The Daily Shoah! Episode 52: Papal Shaming Tour 2015

Seventh Son, Mike Enoch, Sean Last, and Ghoul welcome guest Death Panelist RamZPaul and discuss the Pope's visit, black people being stupid, Planned Parenthood and the Liberal Hamster wheel, and much more. Featuring Le Chateau Autiste, The Shitlord Report, and The Merchant Minute. Bradshaw Wilson of Saturday Night L'Chaim and Scarlett O'Stonewall also pop in for a bit.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 2:30 Feedback/Forum Business
  • 13:12 ISIS in NYC
  • 24:00 Immigration/Race discussion
  • 1:02:12 Le Chateau Autiste
  • 1:11:10 Debunking Mississippi II
  • 1:42:08 Liberals on Planned Parenthood
  • 2:03:10 Standard Scarlett Party
  • 2:05:20 The Shitlord Report
  • 2:34:10 The Merchant Minute
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