The Daily Shoah! Episode 40: Go Greece Lightning

Seventh Son, Mike Enoch, and Hateful Heretic are joined by first-timers Graf Rudolf and Maxwell Thruster on this week's Death Panel. Topics include the Greek referendum, more Confederate Flag discussion, Mike's trip to the Fatherlands, and tentacle porn. Featuring The Merchant Minute and Le Chateau Autiste.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:20 The Country Collapsed without Mike
  • 21:10 Confederate Flag
  • 38:00 D'nations
  • 42:30 Not Enough Spanakopita
  • 1:22:30 Chateau Autiste
  • 1:29:30 TRS Presents: An Edgelord Abroad
  • 2:15:00 The Merchant Minute
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