The Daily Shoah! Episode 35: Doolittle Doesitagain!

Curt Doolittle joins the Death Panel again on Day One of an unprecedented 2-day episode to discuss the genetic necessity of Anglo signalling. On day two, Fascinus drops in to talk about his recent article about American Nationalism. Featuring the Merchant Minute

DAY ONE: Saturday, May 30
0:00 Intro
2:15 D'nations/Feedback
8:30 Dindu Fatigue
20:10 Red Pill or DeFoo?
41:25 Evolutionary Signalling: The Anglos
1:49:25 Bug Chasing and Free Riding
2:02:00 Bro-Out with Curt

DAY TWO: Monday, June 1
2:08:05 The Merchant Minute with Morrakiu
2:16:00 Fascinus & American Nationalism
2:49:19 All About Those Yids, No Goyim
2:52:43 An Unopened Can of Coke
2:56:00 Bruce Jenner

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