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The Mestizo Question

Before starting, I want to clarify that my intention with this article is not to deconstruct Whiteness, or condone race-mixing or defend squat-Incas ruining America. My intention is to talk about an issue that we will have to eventually examine and decide upon. At the very least we should keep

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Gene Editing and Epigenetics: Our Race and Future in the Modern Age

Setting the Stage:

Much of what is discussed and of grave concern among the members and prominent speakers among the alternative right (or New Right given the events of the 2016 US presidential election) center around philosophical and theoretical implications and interests of Whites and traditional Europeans having a right

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The Racial Tithe

Previously I wrote an article that just looked at the net budgetary impact of whites and non-whites. Here I decided to break down the black and Hispanic numbers as well.

The most recent year with good data on everything is 2014. So that is the year all of these numbers

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