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TRS Play At Home Games: "Spot the Protestant Narrative"

The Huffington Post recently posted this hilariously unironic piece on the perils of “Original Racism.” In 5 Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism the author stumbles over some seriously stupid points, such as using “feminist powers” to detect racism. But more essentially, the entire premise is directly based

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The trivial hobbies of bored white people

white-peson-owsThe Caucasian ethnic group has long amused itself with creative story telling, a habit forever immortalized by the countless religions, epics, novels and plays put down to paper by creative light skinned humans over the years. The art of the narrative is so ingrained in white culture that virtually any

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Anti-Racism: It's a White Thing

white-anti-racismIt has long been a common trope (or troll?) among the more simple-minded on the right — be they conservatives, libertarians or even White Nationalists — to critique the institution of Black History Month by asking “Why can’t we have a White History Month?” Many ask a similar question as to

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