The Children Are Our Future (Also: an Overabundance of Semicolons)

[The following is an article submitted by site commenter MLR. -SS] I promised I wouldn’t let this leave my outbox until it had passed the Ghoul-test: Ghoul remarked in a comment exchange we had that parenthood leading to secure and happy children is not complicated, you just have to Read More

TRS Play At Home Games: "Spot the Protestant Narrative"

The Huffington Post recently posted this hilariously unironic piece on the perils of “Original Racism.” In 5 Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism the author stumbles over some seriously stupid points, such as using “feminist powers” to detect racism. But more essentially, the entire premise is directly based Read More

The trivial hobbies of bored white people


The Caucasian ethnic group has long amused itself with creative story telling, a habit forever immortalized by the countless religions, epics, novels and plays put down to paper by creative light skinned humans over the years. The art of the narrative is so ingrained in white culture that virtually any Read More

Anti-Racism: It's a White Thing


It has long been a common trope (or troll?) among the more simple-minded on the right — be they conservatives, libertarians or even White Nationalists — to critique the institution of Black History Month by asking “Why can’t we have a White History Month?” Many ask a similar question as to Read More


You’re going to die. You will be buried, cremated, or left somewhere to rot. Your name will fade into memory. After enough years and enough people follow you in death, you will be forgotten. How you lived your life will not change this ending. You face the same cold Read More

Interpreting "Somebody That I Used To Know," By Gotye

Musically, one finds a wide variety of influences here. Ones that readily come to my mind are Tom Waits, Beach Boys, and Genesis. This work successfully and beautifully weaves retro and pop elements to form a modern, yet folksy work. Lyrically, the story is of a break-up. Standard fare in Read More

Après Paul, Le Déluge


Translation: After (Ron) Paul, Dildos. Ron Paul, our generation’s William Jennings Bryan, has largely run his course. The man who for decades bravely griefed Congress and disrupted Republican Primaries, now talks shit about dead people on twitter. He who lives by the troll dies by the troll, I suppose. Read More