TRS Play At Home Games: “Spot the Protestant Narrative”

The Huffington Post recently posted this hilariously unironic piece on the perils of “Original Racism.” In 5 Ways White Feminists Can Address Our Own Racism the author stumbles over some seriously stupid points, such as using “feminist powers” to detect racism. But more essentially, the entire premise is directly based on the concept of Original Sin. To better display this effect, simply change entries regarding “racism” to “sin/sinfulness”

Here’s an example:

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The trivial hobbies of bored white people

white-peson-owsThe Caucasian ethnic group has long amused itself with creative story telling, a habit forever immortalized by the countless religions, epics, novels and plays put down to paper by creative light skinned humans over the years. The art of the narrative is so ingrained in white culture that virtually any situation, no matter how trivial, becomes a riveting drama in the hands of whites. (Try turning on the television, for example.)

Formerly the white man was emotionally invested in his various Abrahamic religions and pursued all manner of heroic, imminently entertaining conflicts in the name of self validation in the face of God. Unfortunately this show was cancelled because a handful of frumpy atheists thought it was too violent for young audiences. Thankfully, another story had been put down to paper long before the death of God: This one was called “The Struggle Against Tyranny” and it found a very large audience. But after a couple centuries or so of defeating all the Evil Bad Guys, this tale had begun to grow rather stale. After all, one could not very well rail against tyrannical despots while living comfortably in a Democracy™ where the individual himself was theoretically responsible for public policy in some fashion or other. The fact that Democracy™, cast as the most moral system of government ever devised, played the role of hero in the story of The Struggle Against Tyranny further complicated matters.

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Anti-Racism: It’s a White Thing

white-anti-racismIt has long been a common trope (or troll?) among the more simple-minded on the right — be they conservatives, libertarians or even White Nationalists — to critique the institution of Black History Month by asking “Why can’t we have a White History Month?” Many ask a similar question as to why white college students cannot form a club for themselves analogous to the various student organizations dedicated to blacks and other minorities on campus. Recently some more ambitious white youth have taken the step to start such organizations and have been met with nothing but vitriol. The worst of it inevitably coming from other white students.

The answer from the left (again usually from white leftists) is always the same. “All eleven other months are already White History Month!” or “All of society is a club for whites!” The knee-jerk response is usually to call this out as a hypocritical evasion and rationalization of an obvious double standard. This only works if we take the leftist narrative of racial equality seriously. I do not take it seriously, so I think these responses are somewhat justified. In fact all twelve months are White History Month, just as they should be in a majority white, Western nation. Not only are whites the majority race and dominant culture, but Black History Month makes no sense outside of the context of White History. In fact it barely even exists, no matter what Reverend Al has to say about it.

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AssemblyRequiredYou’re going to die.

You will be buried, cremated, or left somewhere to rot.

Your name will fade into memory.

After enough years and enough people follow you in death, you will be forgotten.

How you lived your life will not change this ending. You face the same cold embrace and obliteration as Hannibal or George Washington or Hitler.

Yes, Humanity may remember names, it may even remember yours. Yet Humanity can never truly remember the people, the individual.

To be superior, a Master, an Übermensch is to eventually be reduced to a word smeared and distorted by idiotic and facile men. So it goes.

Humanity will continue along as it always has; you have only the obliteration of time to look forward to.

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Interpreting “Somebody That I Used To Know,” By Gotye

Musically, one finds a wide variety of influences here. Ones that readily come to my mind are Tom Waits, Beach Boys, and Genesis. This work successfully and beautifully weaves retro and pop elements to form a modern, yet folksy work.

Lyrically, the story is of a break-up. Standard fare in contemporary music. Girl left me, melancholy, end scene.

However, while most break-up songs are told from ONE side, this one possesses something unusual, something unique. A female voice joins, not merely to sing along, but to sing against. The soliloquy transforms into a dialogue, where the woman offers a rebuttal, and the man finishes the song out on what seems to be an unresolved note…

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Après Paul, Le Déluge


Translation: After (Ron) Paul, Dildos.

Ron Paul, our generation’s William Jennings Bryan, has largely run his course. The man who for decades bravely griefed Congress and disrupted Republican Primaries, now talks shit about dead people on twitter. He who lives by the troll dies by the troll, I suppose.

Following his not-so-stellar progress in 2010-11, these actions certainly don’t surprise me; here was a man ultimately less interested in cultivating a meaningful counter-narrative, and more interested in pissing people off before collecting his Congressional pension.

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