Fash the Nation Week 20

Shitlord News (WASHINGTON, D.C.) - It’s the new current year and Fash the Nation is back for it’s 20th iteration. This week we’ll take a look back at the pozz of the past current year and what it all means as we look ahead to an exciting time for both national politics and the Alt Right. As always, you can count on your hosts here at Fash the Nation to provide top tier analysis of the latest habbenings. And always remember, if it’s Sunday, it’s Fash the Nation.

00:00 Intro

03:00 McFeels' Shoah'd Facebook and Internet 2.Homo

14:00 The Past Current Year in Review

35:00 Updates from the Campaign Trail

58:00 Europa Report

1:05:00 The End of White Civility

1:14:00 Pozz Police in the Vaterland

1:18:00 The Free Agency of "My Struggle"

1:22:00 NSA Spying on IZ-RYE-EL

1:25:00 The Dindu Who Stole Christmas

1:28:00 George Lucas Apologizes for White Slavers Remark

1:33:00 Po' Ricans Tell Bondholders to Get Fucked

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