The Daily Shoah! Ep 48: Media Matzos for America

An Early Bird Special! Season Two continues with Mike Enoch, Hateful Heretic, Ghoul, Greg Johnson, and Seventh Son got together to discuss Cuckservatives, Oven Mitts, Pestering the Lester and much more. Featuring the Merchant Minute, Chateau Autiste, and a word from our sponsor.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 4:50 #Cuckservative effects
  • 27:40 Over-rent seeking
  • 1:00:32 Chateau Autiste
  • 1:05:30 Bryce Williams, #Gamergater.
  • 1:19:00 TJ Sotomayor and David Duke
  • 1:27:00 Pester The Lester: A False Flag
  • 1:41:06 Oven Mitts/Pool Party/Bus Stations
  • 2:09:10 The Merchant Minute
  • 2:13:00 Trannies and stuff
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