The Daily Shoah! Episode 36: Your Standard Poolparty

UPDATE 6/10/2015:
The level on the original mp3 file was way too hot and slightly distorted. The distortion has been physically removed and the level incrementally suppressed. Re-download the file if you are a digital hoarder.

Seventh Son, Mike Enoch, Hateful Heretic, Alex McNabb, Ghoul, and MeowMix gather to advise on ph-balancing and clarifying your muddiest brown water. Featuring the Longest Merchant Minute Ever with Morrakiu.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 35:55 D'nations/Feedback
  • 1:10:20 Standard Poolparty
  • 1:50:37 The Merchant Minute
  • 2:09:49 Slavery Sucked
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