The Daily Shoah! Episode 14.88 Part VI: More Like Episode 1488Stein

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The Death Panel reflect upon the asspain and faggotry in regards to Alex’s Article on the CIA torture report. Also featuring The Shitlord Report, Chateau Autiste and The Merchant Minute.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 3:00 TRS Mailbag
  • 9:05 Sean Last/Paint Your Panda
  • 19:35 DnD and LOTR, More Paint Your Panda
  • 26:37 Moar Mailbag: Sweden
  • 37:00 Le Chateau Autiste
  • 42:45 The TRS Torture Report (over 400 and counting)
  • 1:15:33 The Shitlord Report with Kimmy Goebbels
  • 1:20:50 The Merchant Minute with Morrakiu
  • 1:22:35 Matzo Metallica
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