Just Another Social Justice War

As a strong, independent woman and 8 year veteran of the Army Reserves who served a tour in Iraq, Kate Hoit took on a new frontier of estrogen evangelism: attempting to join the VFW. When she asked for an application at her local VFW chapter, they offered her a (gasp!) military spouse application. She was outraged. Couldn’t they see how tough she was, and how she had shaken the establishment paradigm by grifting serving her country in a time of war? These out-of-touch sexist patriarchal old white men clearly need to check their privilege.

Strong, independent womyn who don’t need no old white male war vets
Strong, independent womyn who don’t need no old white male war vets

But the outrage is, as always, wholly fabricated. In her own words as reported by the Washington Times, ““I’m not going to go the VFW or the [American] Legion and drink and smoke cigarettes,” she said. “I want to be out in my community.” So which is it, Kate? Are these big, bad Vietnam vets keeping women down by assuming that a female might be a military spouse when you gave them no reason to believe otherwise, or did you never want to join their club in the first place? The answer is both – her only goal here was to stomp her feet and throw a temper tantrum.

Her shit fit did its job and drew attention, and the article brings up some good things happening for young veterans today in the way of veteran organizations like Team Rubicon with a focus on community service and disaster relief. With veterans committing suicide at terrible rates, it’s good to have programs and institutions that can bring them back to society in a productive way, but throwing long standing veteran service organizations (VSOs) under the bus in the name of social justice is at best misguided and at worst an expensive price to pay for a cheap attention grabbing social media headline.

Traditional VSOs like the VFW, Legion, and Disabled Veterans of America do a lot to lobby for soldiers and veterans, and while Team Rubicon is growing in numbers and social capital, it doesn’t have the political influence of the established organizations. That political influence, while problematic bureaucratically and with rent-seeking behavior, has shed a lot of light on problems faced by service members such as PTSD, veteran homelessness, marriage issues, etc. that continue to plague the military and veteran populations. VSOs are the most outspoken in reforming and improving VA care. Women veterans like Hoit would destroy the value of these groups for no reason other than to get their faces on the internet.

You’re Ebola Because You’re Free

While Kaci Hickox is busy lawyering up and filing a lawsuit for presumably at least a million in pain and suffering from her unscheduled visit to Dachau – a primitive isolation ward set up at a local hospital, the DoD announced today that 11 soldiers returning from Liberia after being relieved by the 101st Airborne are going to be kept in isolation in Italy until they’ve waited out the incubation period. The next 100 to return are expected to be kept in isolation as well. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to spend any more time than necessary in New Jersey, either but difference in these two examples are like night and day, and this is why we need feminism.

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White Women Can No Longer Experience Rape

Similar to the recent social justice hiccup at Wellesley College, we now find that feminism’s ever-more strident and adversarial rhetoric regarding “privilege” has come full circle.

Recent years have seen several blogs and articles written by women of color, turncoats, and MRA-types about the privileged status of being a white liberal woman in America. Of course, accusations of racist microaggressions were never going to be edgy enough for some. This is why we have “On White Female Privilege” and others now arguing that white women can no longer experience rape.

No, seriously.


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Shoah Transcript: The Shitlord Report

By popular demand, here is the transcript of The Shitlord Report as read by Kimmy Goebbels in episode 12 of The Daily Shoah!

I Can’t. I Just Can’t. I’m Kimmy Goebbels and this is The Shitlord Report.

National Review reported this week that a trans-gendered girl-thing got into Wellesley College by checking the “female” box on the application, even though shuh-he identifies as, WAIT FOR IT;

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“Douchebag:” A Perfidious Jew



I gotta admit, I’m still chuckling at this one.

>”I am white…shout white racial slurs at me!”

Sure you are, Schlomo. I wonder how this totally detached thinker would respond to to a racial slur like “kike” or “himey?”Lol just kidding, I don’t wonder.


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Context Denial in Keene

The outbreak of drunken rioting and property destruction by spoiled, petty bourgeois, white, New England college kids at the Pumpkin Festival in Keene, NH yesterday has led to a triumphant hashtag campaign by liberal twitter activists. These astute social crusaders and moral relativists have discovered the blatant hypocrisy that lies behind the system of white supremacy in America. Why, they ask, were these raucous white youths treated differently than Michael Brown? Why do they get a slap on the wrist, when Brown got six bullets? Where, they ask in particularly smarmy and insufferable gloating tones, is the white outrage? Why are these youths burning their own communities? Truly these heroic and gallant social warriors are teaching us a lesson in privilege and making us challenge our own assumptions about race. Or not.

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