If you feel your Newspeak lexicon is voluminous enough, then check your privilege, shitlord. Everyday Feminism’s Laura Kacere has belched out a new phrase you can add to your maudlin, jargon-laden screeds against everything good and sane in society. You’ve heard of heteronormativity: the crazy idea that because 99% of the world’s population is heterosexual, that society’s social norms should reflect that fact. Now there’s homonormativity: the crazy idea that homosexuals should grow up and assimilate into white, bourgeois society. Because life can’t be just one large, ongoing circuit party of crystal meth bliss and rotating creampies.

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Violence Porn Part 1: American Sniper

The latest war film, this one based on the autobiographical novel American Sniper by former Navy Seal and sniper team leader Chris Kyle, has rustled a lot of jimmies in the mainstream left, not to mention the tumblrsphere. For those who somehow don’t know about Kyle at this point, he was known for having the highest confirmed kill count of any sniper in U.S. history. Essentially, he was a heterosexual white male from Texas (condemnation enough) who just so happened to also be a violence wielding badass (deplorable).

The last time I can remember so much leftist gnashing of teeth surrounding a movie was in 2004 when Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ graced the silver screen. The flak from the left was palpable. The New Republic  called it “pious pornography“,  and stating that it was “without any doubt an anti-Semitic movie.” Maureen Dowd chimed in on it’s anti-Semitism, saying it made her want to kick the teeth in of the dirty kikes and wops responsible, as well as drawing strange parallels to George Bush’s supposed homophobia. She even invokes Vatican II’s forgiveness of Le Merchant and suggest the movie “defies not only the scruples of scholars but also the teaching of the Catholic Church.”

piss christ
pious pornography ART

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Dale and Veronica Partridge: Christ died for status-signalling

Source: Chron


Here we have what passes for dialectic in this country. Tradition vs. Progress. Old vs. New. Stupid Faith vs. Smart Faith. I’m not surprised to learn this deep, meaningful debate was covered by Good Morning America. This is the Liberal Cat Lady’s catnip.

…But what does “Christian” mean in this context? Is the Partridge family really taking a stand against our decadent and secular culture? Are they really taking up the cross and following the Lord in a meaningful fashion? Let’s take a look at their blogs:


Umm…. You seem to have forgotten to capitalize “God” there, Veronica. LOL, whoopsie.

The husband’s blog isn’t much better.


…I bet the Bible would do a better job of that, bro.

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Keeping It Vibrant In Britainistan

While feminists on our side of the Atlantic are bitching about horribly oppressive practices like ‘manteruppting’, our progressive family in Great Britain is once again conveniently ignoring the actual oppression of females when it clashes with their multicultural narrative. From the country that has more of its muslim “citizens” fighting for ISIS than for its own military, a Pakistani child rape factory, and a soldier decapitated in broad daylight, comes this fantastic news:


Just let that sink in for a moment.

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Dennis Rodman boxed out by Yasmin Eleby

Presented for your consideration, one Yasmin Eleby. By all means she’s an outlier amongst the negro community. She appears to be an educated kindergarten teacher for a large Saudi oil concern likely teaching the children of employees. She also apparently has enough money to pay for her own wedding, which likely pleases her parents. A late bloomer, she finally realized her nuptial dreams at the age of 40. Here’s a picture of the wedding party:

Dennis Rodman did it better.

Yes that’s all of them. You see, nobody would have Ms. (Mrs?) Eleby, so she married herself. This presents multiple narrative conflicts. Grab your Excedrin, we’re going in.

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More Adventures in Pedophile Mainstreaming

It’s been an eventful year and a half for pedophiles and their apologists everywhere. We had Lena Dunham admit to seducing her toddler sister to the applause of many liberal defenders, fans cheered on left-libertarian (aren’t they all?) Brad Spangler after he openly admitted to molesting his own daughter and possessing child porn, and of course some suspicious and respected individuals (hint) have tried to claim that pedophilia is a mere sexual preference. Are these incidents of cheerleading for chimos just isolated anomalies? Well, it would be a shame not to cover a particular under-the-radar story that was transmitted out of several cells of pedophilia mainstreaming. NAMBLA and 8Chan? No, try popular liberal media sources.

This fiddler adventure revolves around the harrowing tale of an admitted pedophile brought to us this last August by former actor and Upworthy (read: oven-worthy) writer Adam Mordecai.

Pictured: How you hack the care/harm moral axis.
Pictured: How you hack the care/harm moral axis.

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The Problem with Whitey

As part of our continuing mission to root out Cultural Marxism, let us turn our attention to Arizona State University. In the Spring 2015 semester, ASU is offering an English class titled “Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness.”

Problem? I see no reason to believe that being white is a problem. But let’s set that aside for a moment.

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At the Mountains of Libertarian Madness

Due to time constraints, I did not focus on the libertarian sphere’s reaction to Brad Spangler’s confession of abusing his own daughter last night. I was tired and, to be quite honest, my jimmies were wrecked.

Pictured: Libertarian morality responds to Spangler.
Pictured: Libertarian morality responds to Spangler.

I mentioned in the previous article that Haidt would find this interesting, allow me to explain why. He posits that for libertarians in particular, they have only one moral axis: liberty/oppression. As is, such a truncated morality leads to bizarre and, for me, offensive rejections of sometimes common sense social ideas and norms.

Now, it is not fair or logical to try and suggest that all libertarian moralists are necessarily kid-touchers. I have no intention of even suggesting such a thing. That said, it’s interesting to note how easily people with no moral compass, that is, sociopaths and predators, can fit into such a milieu and pass as one of them. This is why I suggested that people within this movement should reflect on such a man seeking to associate with them in the first place.

Fellow contributor Ryan McMahon has compiled several screencaps of varying responses to Brad’s confession, as well as of Spangler discussions in the past. Let’s take a look, shall we?

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