White Women Can No Longer Experience Rape

Similar to the recent social justice hiccup at Wellesley College, we now find that feminism’s ever-more strident and adversarial rhetoric regarding “privilege” has come full circle.

Recent years have seen several blogs and articles written by women of color, turncoats, and MRA-types about the privileged status of being a white liberal woman in America. Of course, accusations of racist microaggressions were never going to be edgy enough for some. This is why we have “On White Female Privilege” and others now arguing that white women can no longer experience rape.

No, seriously.


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Shoah Transcript: The Shitlord Report

By popular demand, here is the transcript of The Shitlord Report as read by Kimmy Goebbels in episode 12 of The Daily Shoah!

I Can’t. I Just Can’t. I’m Kimmy Goebbels and this is The Shitlord Report.

National Review reported this week that a trans-gendered girl-thing got into Wellesley College by checking the “female” box on the application, even though shuh-he identifies as, WAIT FOR IT;

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“Douchebag:” A Perfidious Jew



I gotta admit, I’m still chuckling at this one.

>”I am white…shout white racial slurs at me!”

Sure you are, Schlomo. I wonder how this totally detached thinker would respond to to a racial slur like “kike” or “himey?”Lol just kidding, I don’t wonder.


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Context Denial in Keene

The outbreak of drunken rioting and property destruction by spoiled, petty bourgeois, white, New England college kids at the Pumpkin Festival in Keene, NH yesterday has led to a triumphant hashtag campaign by liberal twitter activists. These astute social crusaders and moral relativists have discovered the blatant hypocrisy that lies behind the system of white supremacy in America. Why, they ask, were these raucous white youths treated differently than Michael Brown? Why do they get a slap on the wrist, when Brown got six bullets? Where, they ask in particularly smarmy and insufferable gloating tones, is the white outrage? Why are these youths burning their own communities? Truly these heroic and gallant social warriors are teaching us a lesson in privilege and making us challenge our own assumptions about race. Or not.

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A Feminist “Converts” To Islam


Gee, I wonder why?

It never ceases to amaze me to see the lengths women will go to signal status and achieve what they believe to be a higher place in feminism’s trivial pecking order.

The CNN article begins with Mrs. Theresa Corbin’s early life, being totally repulsed by the intellectual barrenness and sexism of Catholicism (lol cool story). The author would spend four years “poking and prodding at world religions and their adherents”(READ: drum circles and exotic boyfriends), before settling for the hijab.

She is vague on specifics, but ultimately converted to Islam two months after 9/11…  For reasons totally unrelated to politics I’m sure.

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Exploring Liberal Context Denial

A black guy just died of Ebola in Dallas. As mentioned in a previous article, this made liberals go absolutely bananas, given that the first guy to get Ebola in America, Dr. Ken Brantly, a white man, survived his ordeal while Thomas Eric Duncan, a black man, did not.
If you listen to the left, the cause is clear: racism.

Thomas Sowell once talked about the liberal inability to think of actors in any given situation as anything other than “abstract people in an abstract world”. It goes far deeper than that, however, with the modern left. They are abstract people in an abstract world where the only thing that isn’t abstract is racism.

Picture the following: featureless, gray humanoids, all assembled in two different groups. Give one, or both, of those groups weapons. Now, do they start to kill each other? No. Not yet, lets not make them do that just yet. First, lets paint one of these groups black.

Did you do it? No, no, don’t give them huge nostrils and stop making them chant “Bix nood mofugga”. That’s insensitive.

No. Stop that shit.

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A Voyueristic Exploration of Whiteness

Recently PBS film-maker Whitney Dow strongly invoked Poe’s Law by creating “The Whiteness Project“, a series of interviews designed to encourage the sort of racial navel-gazing so beloved by members of the political left. Part Struggle Session, part voyeuristic horror, Dow’s project ostensibly proves that yes, we white folk are still awful, and yes, we can still clutch our pearls over it. If you were perhaps concerned that popular consciousness was forgetting about the White Devil and his evil ways, rest assured, Dow is dragging that demon back into the spotlight for us all to view with a mix of mortification and curiosity.

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TRS Game Review: Depression Quest

We here at TRS care deeply about social justice, and the social justice issue of our generation, or maybe your generation (tfw old), is GamerGate. GamerGate is a firestorm of bigotry, patriarchy, misogyny, bigotry, cisheteroprivilege, and, most importantly, bigotry surrounding the doings of a noble heroine, Zoe Quinn, developer of Depression Quest. But we’re not here to talk about how Zoe Quinn fought off the patriarchy with nothing more than a few simple blowjobs. We here at TRS know there are much better sources for learning about GamerGate. All we know is that an innocent women was targeted by a bunch of misogynists for the simple crime of taking control of her sexuality and making womyn’s choycys with the lived experience of her unconventionally beautiful body, and we fully support that and any other decision she might make.

This brave woman possesses the vagina that is changing the game industry, and I’m not talking about the one in the black T-shirt.

So what about the game? TRS fellow Michael Enoch challenged me to go beyond the limits of my inborn privilege and play this game, and what follows is the review. The short version is that this is to video gaming what the Sistine Chapel is to Renaissance art. The longer version is below the jump.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 6.07.49 PM
With all these awards, you know it’s amazing!

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