Call to Action

Dear Readers,

It has come to our attention that today a female Trump supporter was physically assaulted by a #BlackLivesMatter activist on the St John's University campus.

The incident has been reported to the University and they simply gave the perpetrator Clifford Durand a talk.

Here is his reaction after

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Fash the Nation: LIVE Coverage of the New Hampshire Primary Results

Marcus Halberstram and I will be hosting a very special LIVE edition of Fash the Nation this evening from 7-10PM EST in order to bring you late-breaking updates on the results of the New Hampshire Primary, as well as the critically-acclaimed insights and analysis with which you've grown accustomed.


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The Daily Shoah #71! Topographical Evidence of Maps

The latest episode of The Daily Shoah is up and ready to roll over on the TRS Radio site. Go get it!

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Bernie Bros and the Cannibalization of the Left

A few months ago, I wrote about how two different waves of ((((feminists)))) were fighting one another over whether or not transwomen—that is to say biological men with XY chromosomes who modify their appearances to resemble women—were actual women. (They’re not, but don’t tell third-wave feminists)

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Backstabbing à la Française

White people are forbidden to look after their own interests. Unlike other peoples, those of European descent are constantly shamed for the feats their people have achieved and are taught by their own governments to submit to foreign invaders.

However, nothing shows how deep the treachery and betrayal runs as

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