Our Soulless Aryan Ancestors?

JLK's recent article, “The Real Difference Between Christians and Pagans: a Graeco-Roman Perspective,” suffers from serious defects; I feel it should receive a firm rebuttal. Many commentators opined that the author didn't know much about Christianity, and this is very true. But he knows even less about Paganism. The Aryan

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Body Integrity Identity Disorder: Pop It in the Oven

Warning: Triggering as fuck.

Most of you reading this are probably productive citizens, either pursuing an education in a socially useful subject, or using your Huwhyte agency to go to work in the morning, raise a productive family, pursue socially acceptable hobbies and generally create positive externalities wherever you go.

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Freud the Fraud

In this installment of my Culture of Critique series, I will be examining the involvement of Jewish intellectuals in the psychoanalytic movement of the early 20th century.

One of the most prominent figures in psychoanalysis, often considered the Father of the field, is Sigmund Freud. Freud is the perfect example

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The Real Difference Between Christians and Pagans: A Graeco-Roman Perspective

I hate to use such a crude title but I’m searching for a way, before I begin to write about the subject, to sum up the problem and then examine ways to solve it, to illustrate the point of the exercise. I have to put a disclaimer here that,

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Fash Britannia: Episode 1

The TRS podcast empire goes international!

In the first installment of their podcast our pals from across the pond Cathedral Princess and Welga kvetch about the EU referendum, Labour leadership, hatred of Tories and other things. Featuring The Babylonian Hebrew, sadly cut short.

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