The Daily Shoah 149: Science is a Spectrum

The first installment of this week's The Edgy Republican Larping Hour is now available at Radio.TheRightStuff.Biz

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Plato's dialogues are littered with useful sayings on government, including this concise summary of statecraft.1

"The wise and efficient politician is the man who makes wholesome things seem just to a city instead of pernicious ones."

Theaetetus 167c.

That is a rich sentence if ever there was one, and

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Mulatto Futurism

America has never had a first black president. That it ever had one is a lie of the twenty-first century. Barack Hussein Obama was not a black man of the typical sort, he was a mulatto. (And not even of American Negro stock, but a Kenyan). Polite society does not

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Deport the DREAMers

The retard in the White House, Donald J. Trump, has proven once and for all that he is not in fact playing celestial chinese checkers but in fact just a boisterous and womanizing version of Lindsey Graham.

Trump, who entirely possesses the talmudic-constitutional authority under the divine right of documentation

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Modernity and the New American Frontier

Growing, unfurling, expanding endlessly into the horizon, an unstoppable tide of unbridled Aryan ambition let loose onto an empty continent ready to receive us forever, or so it seemed; but after the untamed land of America came under European domain from ocean to ocean, what was to be done with

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