The Great Immigration Debate

Libertarians have been talking up the “open borders” argument with greater volume and frequency of late.

But this makes very little sense.

When liberals argue the point, I can understand, because they hate western civilization, and would like to see it destroyed.

But – by all rights – libertarians should want to see the things which make western civilization distinct preserved and even magnified, rather than attenuated and diluted.

Sometimes, libertarians pretend that their philosophy is universal and that it can be abstracted away from any particular people or place. But it’s obvious, at least in North America, that the liberty we enjoy is fairly traceable to the traditional liberty of Englishmen, under the English common law, as well as to frontier pragmatism and a little bit of European, enlightenment philosophy. The libertarian philosophy, as articulated by Americans, is a straightforward development of enlightenment classical liberalism. So when we talk about “liberty” and “libertarianism” we are indeed talking about particularly western things.

When I was a libertarian, I argued for unrestricted immigration because “muh freedumb of contract! Muh freedumb of association! If I want to hire a foreigner to perform some mutually beneficial exchange of money for labor, why should I have to ask the government, or anyone else?”

But this point of view is naive. In the first place, such a bargain potentially has vast consequences, for me, beyond the narrow scope of the transaction in question.

A new barber opened up shop in town. His methods are a little bit unorthodox, but his prices are very reasonable. I'm going down there later to get a little off the top.
A new barber is opening up shop in town. I hear his prices are very reasonable. I’m going down there later to get a little off the top.

And in the second place, it has consequences for others too, so it’s not hard to see why they would have on opinion on the matter.


Bryan Caplan argues that encouraging the mass migration of individuals from shitty countries to less shitty ones would multiply their productivity and result in huge overall gains in production, from which we would all benefit.

The real question is, why are some countries so much less shitty than others?

With the right immigration policies, your country too, could be this shitty.
With the right immigration policies, your country could be this shitty too.

Things tend to happen for reasons. I think one of the biggest reasons is probably the people. Many chalk it up to culture, to values, to institutions and to political ideology. Those are all reasonable explanations, but who holds values and ideologies or builds cultures and institutions? People…

And people tend to bring those things with them. You can see it in America with the migration of Yankees.

If you’ve lived in the American south, then no doubt you’ve many times heard some damn Yankee carpetbagger say something stupid like “it’s so great here. There are jobs, and everything is so reasonably priced. If only you had unions, a comprehensive social safety net, and high taxes, it would be perfect!”

Well that's not how we do it in Detroit. Don't you want to do it like we do it in Detroit?
Well that’s not how we used to do it in Detroit. Don’t you want to do it like we did it in Detroit?

The conditions for prosperity are fragile. Sure, there might be some abstract sense in which everyone could be better off if labor could move freely, or whatever. But you start bringing in waves of actual people, people who are poor for actual reasons, and they bring those reasons with them, then the result is they will be better off, certainly, but we won’t be.

I mean, there are only two possibilities. Either those people could make their countries less shitty, like ours, in which case, they don’t really need to move here. Or they can’t, in which case, I don’t see why we’d want them to

It’s an involuntary transfer, from the people who – for whatever reasons – can be prosperous, to those who can’t.

The real reason liberals want immigration, and libertarians are foolish to.
The real reason liberals want immigration, and libertarians are foolish to.

Most people, most places, (including here in America) are nothing like libertarian. So if you want a society that prioritizes liberty, you’re going to have to start by excluding almost everyone.

Just the way it is.

Keyboard Humanitarians Hate Israel For Winning


Israel’s Defense Force recently sent Palestine’s Team Rocket blasting off again, setting off another predictable wave of leftist angst.

I’ve seen a butthurt liberal post on this “visual evidence of Israel’s war crimes” every week since the cease-fire.  I honestly find myself wondering if leftists actually care more about the 2,000 dead Palestinians than the unbelievable atrocities being perpetrated by ISIL in the same region?


Looks like peace to me.

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Walter E. Williams Commits Political Suicide

Recently a kind old conservative Uncle Tom commenter gone slightly soft in the head made the outrageous observation that while politically speaking, it is acceptable to charge higher health insurance rates to smokers and the obese, one cannot apply that logic to homosexuals. What’s really amazing is that in this world of Tumblr, The Huffington Post, and the Daily Show, an “intellectual” like Williams would have the temerity to speak a single word in such a charged atmosphere without first considering the sorts of irrational witch-hunting guaranteed to result from his naïve comments. Apparently poor ol’ Walter still thinks he lives in a universe where gaggles of rabid Social Justice Warriors aren’t salivating for the slightest opportunity to miss-interpret something and howl triumphantly at the bigotry they’ve uncovered, moments before an entire pack of them descends on the hapless victim. This is what they fucking live for, these people validate much of their existence via pious secular witch-hunting, and the examples of this being played out recently in the mainstream are just too blatant to ignore.

Another clueless black victim
Another clueless fuddy-duddy

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Vicious Anti-Gay Bigot S. Truett Cathy Finally Croaks

Today marks the death of S. Truett Cathy, who founded the infamous “Chick-fil-A” cartel which for decades has served as a sandwich slinging front-group for the most homophobic hate-organizations in existence. Not only did this nefarious “fast food franchise” funnel profits into murdering the gays, their attractively priced and delicious chicken fillet sandwiches also contributed to the Type 2 diabetes epidemic in American blacks, proving that once again racism and homophobia go together like ketchup and mustard in America. In addition to personally dumping wheel barrow loads of money into anti-gay organizations,  sources allege Cathy’s maniacal cackling and penchant for wearing dark hooded robes ultimately served as the inspiration for George Lucas’s “Emperor Palpatine” character from the timeless Star Wars series of films.

Feel the hate flow through you.
Feel the hate flow through you.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 6: Whither Britannia?



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On this week’s Daily Shoah we discuss the child sex abuse scandal in Rotherham, England, the desperate scrambling by progressives to preserve their narrative as well as potential consequences for European politics than none of us really know anything about. Finally Morrakiu rounds it out with a look at the real culprits behind it all in this week’s “Merchant Minute.”

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Links referenced:

“Rotherham and the Progressive Narrative” –

“This brutal blame game pays little heed to justice in Rotherham” – The Guardian

“Rotherham: Holiness And Stuff British People Like” – Social Matter

“The bus driver who has raped 12 little boys (and doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong): Why thousands of Pakistani children are falling prey to paedophiles” – Daily Mail


Rotherham and the Progressive Narrative

The recent child sex scandal in Rotherham, UK has dealt a serious blow to the progressive, multicultural narrative. Oh, so you mean that importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims from Pakistan, the child rape capital of the world, resulted in child rape and kidnapping in your own country? Gee, who would have ever predicted that? Opening your borders to people from a country where roughly one third of men say that not only have they raped a child, but that they see nothing wrong with having done so, wasn’t a good idea after all it appears. Yeah, oops.

Joyce Thacker, the cold, dead eyes of progress.

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11 Ways To Stop Crime That Are Better Than Locks

Can door locks help end home invasion? Yes, that is a real conversation going on this week, thanks to four (let’s be honest, pretty brilliant) black male engineers interested in preventing breaking and entering. The men crafted a new product designed to allow white people to enter secure buildings with a swipe of a tag. If the proper tag is swiped, it lets people in.

It’s important to stress here that I think it’s a really positive step that the product was created by four black men. The last time we heard from black males in the news, they were smashing windows and stealing sneakers because some thug punched a cop and got himself shot.

Police Shooting Missouri

So kudos, gentlemen. Black men should be interested in preventing violence and should be advocates in this space. But while it’s encouraging to see that black men are thinking about this kind of stuff, this product may not be the best strategy.

However well-intentioned, there seems to be an awful lot of resources, time and energy dedicated to telling white people how not to get assaulted, and comparatively little going to preventing black men from assaulting in the first place. This provides white people with a false sense of comfort and the illusion that a product or a precaution can actually solve the problem of violence, which it won’t.

Moreover, the more we depend on white people to prevent violence, the easier it is to blame them when it happens to them. Here’s a look at the well-documented ways we can actually stop violence. Maybe it’s time we invest a little more time and resources into implementing them before we send 9mm handguns to dealers across the country.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 5: Labor All Day



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In this week’s Daily Shoah we present our Labor All Day Commie spectacular. The Death Panel takes on the Red Scare… or adds to it, depending on your particular worldview (all of which are totes valid and important). Morrakiu returns with another installment of the freshly renamed “Merchant Minute!”


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Whither Skyrim?

larpThe past several weeks have seen harsh debate and a sharp divide among our inner circle.  The issue? Secession.  In particular,  whether or not the United States as a nation is something worth maintaining.  This may come as a surprise to some: the blog’s generally positive attitude regarding the United States is a minority view in our circle.

Dissent with the current trajectory has been bubbling for months: neologisms like “larping” and “Skyrimist” have not helped matters.  Podcast 2 finally led to emotions boiling over.  The result hasn’t been pretty.

Discussions very quickly degenerated, criticisms became personal in nature.  A lot of harsh words were said;  I certainly spoke my fair share.  Several long time members (including the fellow who personally brought me into TRS) have gone so far as to actually sever ties.  I expect things to remain tense for a while.

I don’t expect a blog post to magically mend fences.  That said, I do feel this topic deserves a more even-keeled appraisal than what has been offered on the blog so far.  So in contrast I will begin by presenting four allowances on the issue.  The Secession Concessions, so to speak.

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