Obama’s Illegal and Dangerous Immigration Dictate

This week Obama announced that he will pursue an executive order that will allow certain illegal immigrants in America to obtain “deportation relief.” This means that they will be able to apply for paper work which will prevent them from being deported for the next three years. In order to qualify for deportation relief an illegal immigrant must pass a background check showing that they have been in the US since 2010, are not criminals, and are either parents of a US citizen or were under 16 when they immigrated here. It is estimated that there are 4 to 5 million illegal immigrants currently in the US who meet these requirements.

U Mad?
U Mad?

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The Social and Political Issues Posed by Obama’s Immigration Order

Obama’s deferral of deportation of up to 5 million illegals won’t change America overnight. However, if allowed to proceed without any real opposition, it will accelerate the long and slow decline of the USA into a Central American Banana Republic.

The facts of the policy are as follows: Obama issued an executive order that extends “deportation protection” for up to 5 million illegal aliens currently residing inside the United States. Those that qualify are immigrants that have been inside the US for more than 5 years, have no criminal record (other than breaking immigration law, of course) and have children that are citizens, meaning those that plopped out a baby after crossing the border. Also covered are 300,000 or so immigrants that were children when their parents brought them over the border illegally. This group of people will be allowed to stay indefinitely, will have a chance to get work visas, a chance to get permanent legal residency and in some cases even a chance to get social security numbers.

There are two fundamental issues that right wingers of various stripes should take with this executive action: one is in regard to the demographic situation in the USA, the other is in regard to legal precedent.

Good fences make good neighbors.
Good fences make good neighbors.

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The TRS Guide to SWPL Safaris.

We here at TRS understand that as a compassionate liberal socialite, real-world demonstrations of your benevolence can be later used as ironclad proofs establishing your superior moral preferences. Fortunately enough, in this high tech world actual video and photographic verification of your Unlocked Achievements in social awareness can be immediately uploaded to your Facebook page for all your jealous  liberal friends to agonize over. Bear in mind that when going on these exotic adventures among African wild-life, your safety is the first priority, and the objective is to promote the over-all narrative, not accidentally end up as a popular story of naive liberal stupidity on Stormfront.org. With that in mind, we present to you several essential tips to make your next SWPL Safari a success, and not just a crime statistic:

You’ll be sorry, alright.

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Shanesha Taylor draws attention to high-time preference behavior in black community


TL/DR for our readers:

shanesha>Shanesha interviews for a job.
>Leaves children in car for interview.
>Gets arrested for endangerment.
>Teary eyed mug shot creates opportunity for social signalling.
>White Guilt donates close to $100,000 dollars.
>Prosecutor will not pursue jail time if she puts some of the money aside for the children.
>”Lol what money?”

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To save narrative, left unwittingly takes Scalia in its collective mouth

Scalia, smirking as left unknowingly gobbles his knob
Scalia, smirking as left unknowingly gobbles his knob

Known for their insistence on rushing to judgment, liberals are now laying the narrative to delegitimize the pending inevitable no true bill from the Darren Wilson grand jury. (No true bill = no indictment = no scarin’ the Darren) When liberal dindu narratives fail due to whitey’s western judicial process, the common 1st and 10 playcall is usually to blame the prosecutor, and it looks like they’re sticking to the script. 

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Ghoul’s Brief Analysis (Daily Shoah Episode 14.88 Transcript)

Capitalism is demonstrably shown to work. However, the attempt to intertwine the success of capitalism with the dildo granted Western society a short lived euphoria before becoming a threat to itself. I’m stating this now because for some reason, possibly to do classical conditioning, many immediately make the leap from anti-cultural dildo to inefficient economic concepts that attempt to turn the market into the church. Fascism was a demonstrable economic failure, as was communism. I know many listeners get their stupid economic information from watching hours of amateur YouTube videos praising hitlernomics (such videos may include Greatest Story Never Told, National Alliance videos, etc). We could maybe address why in fact Hitlernomics were piss poor in disective detail on another podcast, but long story short, Hitler ultimately did nothing but create a massive martial economic bubble. The economy was not built for long lasting purposes. It was built for starting a war, and winning a war. Perhaps some might argue that the Germans could maintain stability post-war by basically holding a gun to the head of the world, but that’s ultimately a ridiculous assertion. Again, topic for another time.

Regarding Libertarianism:

Classical liberalism’s champion, John Locke, was an idiot. He makes a very false assumption of humanity and Western peoples. To Locke, human and market interaction is a completely voluntary phenomenon, due to the high intellectual capacity of humans* to desire a more prosperous society through logical and peaceful evaluation. Because of this, he believed a government ought to be small, and strictly serve the whims of the populace to achieve the most prosperous and free society. He also believed all people where born into a morally equal blank state, and that all people have intrinsic value.

It sounds nice because it’s completely self-empowering. When libertarians/liberals make claims of human importance, it’s a self-valuing claim with a collective cushion; basically saying “I am very important” with safe language. Continue reading

Having A Tight Rack Isn’t A Feminist Victory

Keira Knightley recently posed topless for Interview magazine (almost as NSFW as TRS). Apparently, being paid for looking good and having a generally fappable figure is some kind of “protest against Photoshop,” because software that can edit images is like, cisheteroprivileged and stuff.

You know who else edited pictures. Adolf Hitler. So check your privilege, shitlord.

Liberals all across the tumblrsphere, by which I mean the entire goddamned Internet these days, are falling all over themselves to tell her how brave and beautiful she is. Because in the feverish nightmare world of liberal reefer dreams, a 29-year-old who skipped college because she was hot enough to choke $50 million out of the male sex drive is like, oppressed and stuff.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 14.88: Right Wing Pokemon

Gotta Catch ‘em all!




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Deepest apologies for the delayed upload! The Death Panel gather to discuss the many different flavors of Alt-Right for this special 14.88th episode of your favorite weekly hour and a half. Complete with 4 minute introduction.

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