Cuckservatism: Response to Taylor Millard

Taylor Millard of Hot Air has written a response piece to the alt-right's #cuckservative meme. It's a fairly serious attempt and quotes my previous piece directly. In keeping with my serious response to Ace, I think Millard merits a serious response. Millard, for the record, if you or anyone else Read More

Radix Podcast: The Cuckservative Mind

Hey goys, I sat down yesterday with Richard Spencer of Radix to discuss the trending #cuckservative phenomenon and Donald Trump. Enjoy. The Cuckservative Mind Read More

Cuckservatism: Response to Ace

Ace is one of the original edgy libertarians. He recently discovered the trending #cuckservative hashtag on Twitter and wrote up this response. It is fairly uninformed and misses the mark. But since Ace is a serious blogger, I thought he deserved a serious response. The most important thing is to Read More

Guest Post: The Left's Self-Destruction

Reader Antidem left this comment. I thought it was good enough to post on the main page. "The whole of the big pasture, including the windmill, was in the hands of the enemy. For the moment even Napoleon seemed at a loss. He paced up and down without a word, Read More

Why The Weak Right Is Dead Wrong!


The cuckservative is the new RINO. But like too many in the alt-right, the cuckservative has a deeper narrative that mainstream rightists would find hard to get. Many denizens of TRS and the alt-right in general are likely to be acquainted with "cuckservative". It is to note the alt-right's frustration Read More

The Daily Cuckservatives: A Response To Matt K. Lewis And Friends

The Daily Caller senior contributor Matt K. Lewis recently decided to write an article 'explaining' what a cuckservative is to an audience that he assumed didn't know what the term actually meant. His tactic is typical damage control and I don't claim that his views reflect the opinions of the Read More

Cuckservatives, Trump, and the Future of the West

Here at TRS we're proud to have popularized several terms that have taken the internet by storm, and even made their way into the mainstream media. One of these terms is "Cuckservative". Now the Daily Caller's Matt Lewis, Redstate's Erick Erickson, and Tommy Christopher from the Daily Banter are hand-wringing Read More

Donald Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Trump

It's no secret among the Death Panel that I'm not a fan of Trump. It's not that I Fucking Love Mass Immigration. Obviously I would never have even heard of this site if my solution to white displacement was open borders now. But I simply can't stand the guy. Never Read More

The Daily Shoah! Episode 42.88: Anoodah Shoah!

Mike Enoch, Seventh Son, and Ghoul get together and make up for the problematic episode 42. Featuring The Merchant Minute 0:00 Intro/Excuses 6:15 Chattanooga Kebab Removal 16:40 White Nationalist or Jihadist? 33:40 Spicy but Bland 57:45 An Edgelord Abroad: Ghoul in NYC 1:41: Read More

The Right's Moral Imperative

Even in its newly metastasized state, the left has always had a moral trump card: fairness. For example, libertarians are correct when they argue that welfare is economically inefficient, but the left's response is that markets are intrinsically unfair to people who aren't born in the right place, at the Read More