Is Islam Good for the Whites?

“Love the Jews for three reasons:
because I am Jewish,
because the bible is in Hebrew
and because the inhabitants of Paradise speak Hebrew.”

I can only imagine the number of times this passage would be cited by people in the Hateosphere by the folks at and Neo-Pagans if they were attributed to Christ. But they’re actually the words of Muhammad, paraphrased obviously, to give an example of what Arabs have done for humanity to receive the love of the world. All they have is the Quran and Muhammad.

I’m not going to argue against Islamization in any way in this post, but what I will do is take a look at the narrative that Islam can save the Whites (pronounced “hwhytes” if you are Jared Taylor).

I’m going to look at the religion from a purely racist perspective, keeping the alternative (Liberalism) in mind and ask both Liberalism and Islam, “Is this good for the Whites?”

Really bro?

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A Native’s Perspective On Australian Multiculturalism

The Religion Of Peace™ did what it does best in Sydney on Monday: spreading its unique form of vibrancy to an otherwise dull backwater. By now readers will be aware that an Iranian cleric named Man Monis, decked out in the fashionable jihadi accessories, took over a dozen people as hostages and prompted an eighteen hour siege. This siege eventually ended at 2am, resulting in the terrorist’s death (although sadly not at the end of a rope) and, more importantly, the death of two hostages.

When Australia attracts any attention in ‘alternative right’ circles – which is rarely – it is usually seen as one of the last ungelded Western countries, largely due to our (admittedly awesome) policy of “stop the boats”.

But as much as I hate to break it to our Odin-worshipping compatriots:

1 good policy + many lefty tears over that policy ≠ 1488

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Is the “Islamic State” Islamic? Let Us Count the Ways!

The standard boilerplate that has lately been spewing out of the mouths of ignorant westerners is that “IS is unIslamic,” an extension of the argument that Jihadists are somehow “hijacking” Islam and then “twisting” it to their purposes.
Now it is true that a significant body of Orthodox Sunni Islam, theologically centered on Saudi Arabia (The Land of the Two Holy Mosques) and Egypt (home of Al-Azhar University) rejects the legitimacy of the Islamic State. These disputes are legalistic in nature, regarding whether or not IS have the divine sanction necessary to make their state and Jihad religiously legitimate.

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SFL: drag shows for liberty


weirdoKendall Richey, author of the article linked above, is both social coordinator for Texas Christian University’s Gay-Straight Alliance and a Students For Liberty Campus Coordinator. The article depicts a recent student drag show, how it was a relative success compared to previous campus events.

The article also clearly shows readers which organization the author identifies more strongly with. You read nothing resembling libertarian talking points until the last few sentences. Almost like it’s an afterthought.

Funny, that.

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#illridewithyou: status signalling more important than cultural dialogue


Australians took to Twitter shortly after a suspected Iranian-born Islamic extremist captured several hostages at a Sydney cafe.

Sheik Man Haron Monis was a Muslim cleric known for sending hate messages to families of Australian troops killed in battle. He was also rumored to have been out on bail for involvement in his ex-wife’s murder.

Monis went inside a local Sydney bar, took hostages, made them fly a black flag with the Shahada on it, killed two civilians and wounded an officer during the take-down.


And that’s “suspected Islamic extremism.” Heh, okay.

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Americans Against The Tea Party Conflate Jihad With Conservatism. Of Course.


Woo boy, here is a real gem.

On the right is Reem Riyashi. She was a Palestinian mother of two that suicide bombed the Erez Crossing processing station in 2004. The bombing killed herself and four Israelis. Hamas was heavily criticized for allowing this woman to go through with her desire to meet Allah.

On the left is Holly Fisher, a Virginian military wife and mother of three that made this picture for July 4th, 2014. There was heavy criticism because guns are scawy, and racism or something.

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Libertarians On New Libertarianism 01: Jeff Tucker, I Hardly Knew Ya

This will hopefully be the first installment of a series that’s been in the works for several weeks. The intention is to provide readers with inside perspectives on the current trajectory of the liberty milieu. It is important to note that while each contributor will share their criticisms of where things are going, each of them would still consider themselves libertarian. -Bulbasaur

Jeff Tucker, I Hardly Knew Ya

I come from a blue-collar, Southern military family. I attended college and spent a number of years as an active duty Army officer. I was involved in both the ’08 and ’12 Ron Paul campaigns.

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CIA Torture Report Reveals Americans Are Pussies

Recently a Senate report revealed the CIA has been using “harsh interrogation techniques” on prisoners, much to the mock outcry of the hand-wringing bleeding heart liberal masses. USA Today wonders “What the World Is Saying” about our naughty misdeeds against terrorists (Spoilers, Russia took this as an opportunity to get in a jab against Obama), while Libertarian sites like overflow with pious moralizing about the Nazi CIA and their inhumane torture of over 6 million Jews Arabs. Facebook threads abound with frumpy liberals hopping up on moral high horses and voicing their sobrave.jpeg condemnations of US conduct towards prisoners. The overall narrative hasn’t changed at all since Bad Goyim Ward Churchill published “On The Justice of Roosting Chickens“, a seminal piece of victim blaming more notable for the controversial assertion Jew capitalists in the World Trade Center were “little Eichmanns” than for its predictable Chomskyite stance on US Imperialism directly resulting in “blowback”. The gist of it is, America is an Evil Empire, and it’s morally wrong for us to harm a hair on the head of those brave little freedom fighters flying planes into our skyscrapers.

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