How to Left: Feign Compassion (Chapter One)

Thank you for choosing to be a Left-minded thinker, promising young pupil. By taking the time to read this guide, I assume you have experienced the common problems we comrades face on a day-to-day basis, such as a lacking of logical consistency, forgetting to check one’s privilege, or accidentally picking up a Chick-Fil-A sandwich (oops s:) to name a few.  Not to worry! To be the best leftist you can be, it’s really as easy as 1-2-3. In this guide, I will be putting the rules of lefting into a clear perspective for the young comrade, and you’ll be smashing fascism in no time at all!

Never doubt yourself, or stray away from leftist thinking. When the goings get rough, it’s important to remind yourself of all the struggles we face. We must remain united in our cause, or all will be lost to the racist, cis-sexist, capitalist patriarchy. Plus, it’s an incredibly comfortable position! I can’t remember the last time I actually challenged myself to think.

Left on, young comrade.

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The Militarization of the Puhleeeeze

Newsflash: There is no Police State in America. “Human rights” are not being violated in #Ferguson.

What started as a bunch of local blacks rioting and looting has largely petered out. The “protests” have become more organized and politicized as various factions of anarchists, communists, radicals and SJWs of all stripes have opportunistically descended on the community to promote their own agendas. Looking at the footage of the riots in the last couple of days there have been a lot more white and white-presenting faces showing up. These middle-class political tourists are no doubt hoping to use the situation as a spark to ignite whichever kind of “glorious revolution” their particular ideology predicts will finally put an end to whatever social ill they project their personal problems and failings onto.

LOL. Gay.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 3: Summer Chimpout Edition



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In this week’s Daily Shoah we have an emergency Death Panel session to discuss the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri followed by this weeks JQ minute by our pal Morriaku.

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Ferguson And The Police State

Source: LA Times

policestateToday we read that Michael Brown may have been involved in a strongarm robbery prior to his fatal shooting. Officer Darren Wilson was taken to a hospital for injuries sustained during the altercation, suggesting this wasn’t an act of racist, vigilante execution.

However, it seems the initial violence has already burned out, despite new information and a new black sheriff in town (lol Blazing Saddles).  Looting and violence is now being reported as protests and twitter posts.  This behavior is better for the narrative, it speaks to our more enlightened SWPL sensibilities.

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Dindu Nuffins Murdered by Racist Ferguson Cops

On Saturday, August 9th, promising young black activist Michael Brown was ruthlessly assassinated by a white supremacist Ferguson policeman as the officer drove to his monthly Klan rally. According to reports, Brown was sitting on a park bench reading Michael Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish” to a group of street orphans when the cop parked alongside the curb, shouted “Niggers ain’t supposed to be readin’ boy!” and fatally shot Brown as he vainly attempted to shield himself from the deadly hail of gunfire behind his Noam Chomsky filled bookbag. As the youth lay gasping for breath, his last words were “Weep not for me, but for the future of our people.”

The black community of Ferguson, long held captive under the boot-heels of the all white Ku Klux Law Enforcement Brigade, finally rallied to action, ousted the vile racists, and took back their city. The police chief was revealed to be a Grand Dragon on national television, and was killed by a single shot from actor Jamie Foxx’s .45 caliber handgun while attempting to escape to his private helicopter pad with a black female hostage.

This is for Dindu, cracker.
This is for Dindu, cracka!

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The Negronomics of Race Riots

In which vibrant, urban scholar DeAndre Smith explains the nuanced political and social theory behind the riots in Ferguson, Missouri. It may seem to the casually oppressive cishet white male observer that this is nothing more than pointless self-destruction. But no. You are just interpreting the situation through the distorted lens of your white cultural narrative and social privilege. Allow DeAndre to explain how this really works:

“This is exactly what’s supposed to happen when an injustice is happening in your community… This is how they receive money: businesses and taxes, police stopping people and giving them tickets, taking them to court, locking them up — this is how they make money in St. Louis. Everything is all about money in St. Louis. So when you stop their flow of income… They have things organized in a certain way. Secret society shit… “We’re gonna eat, you’re gonna starve”, gentrification — put you in a certain neighborhood by yourself and see if you can starve… It’s not going to happen, not in St. Louis.”

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The Bloody Dildos of Contemporary Art

Disclaimer: I am by no means an authority on art theory. I’m just a guy who likes art, and these are my observations.

There’s two kinds of art; Creative art and expulsive art. Creative art is when you’re building something meant to be awe-inspiring. Be it the statue of David, the Sistine chapel, even the pyramids of Giza could be seen as art. These are creative; they’re creating something. The other kind, expulsive art, is just meant to regurgitate pent up emotions and frustrations. It’s a way of vomiting up the ugliness of the mind. That’s fine, I don’t see anything wrong with purging your system that way. The problem is when you start pretending that this emotional bulimia is some great act of creativity.

Michelangelo broke his leg painting the Sistine Chapel, but I'm sure your self-induced indigestion is just as big of a sacrifice.
Michelangelo broke his leg painting the Sistine Chapel, but I’m sure your self-induced indigestion is just as big of a sacrifice.

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The Daily Shoah! Episode 2



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In this week’s Daily Shoah we discuss illegal immigration (again), A recent dust up concerning choke-porn star Belle Knox and Young Voices for Liberty, the futility of most radical political narratives, Iraq, the upcoming movie “Camp X-Ray” and Hollywood’s hate for the US Military and finally we round all out with our weekly JQ segment.

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