Black Lives Don't Matter

At TRS, we pride ourselves on being a "third way," neither truly left nor truly right. We like to think of ourselves as appealing equally to liberals and conservatives, as finding that golden mean between the wisdom of Martin Luther King, Jr and the patriotism of Bill Kristol. When it Read More

Cuckelodeon and Denial

Just in case many aren't acquainted with this yet, I introduce you to a show called "Bella and the Bullldogs". This show is already dildo enough with the denial of gender dimorphism in sports and interracial cuck. But that leads to who made such a thing. Meet one of the Read More

A reply to Sean Last from Krom

Editor's note: I promised Krom, the author of the RationalWiki page on "racialism," that I would publish a reply to Sean Last's critique of that page if he wrote one. I'm a man of my word, so here it is. Krom unfortunately indicated in his email to me that he Read More

The Greatest LARPing of All Time

A lot of people on the electronic right like to complain about “LARPing,” which has taken on the meaning of “advocating for unrealistic political ideals that cannot be implemented in the foreseeable future or are implausible.” The acronym comes from Live Action Role-Playing, an activity where people dress up as Read More

Families Of Holocaust Survivors And Victims Share Their Stories At Chapman

Chapman University recently held their Holocaust Art and Writing Contest awards ceremony. Never missing an opportunity to share stories of bravery and courage in the face of so much suffering and inhumanity, members of several Jewish community outreach organizations such as The Right Stuff, Morgoth's Review and Daily Slave decided Read More

"Sometimes it's Hard to be a Woman"

“About 51 percent, or $14 trillion, of American personal wealth is now controlled by women, according to the Bank of Montreal's Wealth Institute. The Canadian bank also expects them to control about $22 trillion by 2020.” In the United States of America, women work significantly less than men, but now Read More

Between Two Lampshades: Forced to be Free with Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson from Counter Currents and I got together for a chat about history, philosophy, our past as libertarians and the potential for an ethnostate. Read More

Feminists Rage Over Humorous Truth

Many of you are acquainted with Emma Sulcowiczwiczwicz, the Mattress Girl who wants to be an attention whore by turning alleged rape into "art". Even after the accused man was cleared of the charges, She and her supporters still won't let go. So it's nice that the yellow merchant from Read More

For Your Viewing Pleasure

There isn't much that needs to be said. Just watch and enjoy. If your time preference and lack of a life allows it, watch the entire brutal takedown HERE. Read More

Between Two Lampshades: Ghoul's LARP Metal

Ghoul and Seventh Son chat about some of the best and worst LARPy black metal out there. Also AC/DC. Read More