The New York Times Learns About The Daily Shoah!

Our Alternative Right comrade and TRS writer Colin Liddell recently conducted an interview with the Pulitzer Prize-winning Jew York Times writer Stephanie Saul (who swears she isn't a Chosen One). He decided to post his audio recording of it today. In the course of the interview he name drops The Read More

Patriotards and their Cargo Cult

Remember the good old days? This Fourth of July, Radix Journal published a brief article on "patriotards," that peculiar breed of Americans who remain loyal to a country whose government actively works to disposess them. For these heartlanders 'Murica is the same country of their forefathers, a land of opportunities, Read More

Christopher Columbus Matters

Wait a minute TRS, are you trying to trick me again? Columbus Day is in October! Vandals defaced an iconic statue of Christopher Columbus in Boston’s North End by covering it in red paint and tagging it with the phrase “Black Lives Matter.” - via WCVB Channel 5 Boston Read More

Right Wing Trolls Can Win

"Do something!" We've heard it before. Being on the Internet and trolling people is the opposite of doing something. Real reactionaries stockpile ammunition in their cabin and plan up shooting rampages to spark the RAHOWA...or something. Aside from the possibility that such individuals are FBI agents trying to snare Read More

The Daily Shoah! Episode 39: Worst Week Ever

Seventh Son, Sean Last, Hateful Heretic, and Ghoul gather to ice each other's anuses after the last 10 days of constant trigger rape. Featuring The Shitlord Report and The Merchant Minute. 0:00 Intro 1:30 Confederate Flag/Dylann Roof 13:20 D'Nations 16:50 Feedback: FancyFeast, Cheating Wives, Jews, Read More

Stop the Planet of the Apes, I Want to Get Off

It's not the right time to be sober now that lunatics have taken over spreading like a social cancer, is there an answer? Right wing cuckolds are conceding tell me why and how are all the fucked up people breeding Watson, it's really elementary the sexual revolution has flipped the Read More

The Meme War Marches On

Remember, The Right is your all-in-one source for edgy commentary and dank memes. Damn the Yankees, Civil War now! For your listening pleasure: Read More

The Policy Stuff II

I certainly did not expect the priests of Dildolech to go in as raw, fast, and hard as they did the last few days. My angus was insufficiently peppered, to say the least. The spectacle of plebe-tier conservatives lining up to strike down the South certainly made me sad. While Read More

Study Shows Statistics are Easily Manipulated

HURR white men are duh real terrorists! We all knew this was coming. After the Roof shooting, the anti-white media exploded into an orgy of signaling and double-standards, and now a new trending story is out about how the amorphous hydra of home-grown non-Muslim right-wing white American extremism is the Read More

More Than A Mere Shitpost

[Commenter "Shit poster" left this lengthy piece in a thread the other day. Sir Gregory Johnson sent it to me and stated it was worth putting on the blog. So here's the latest bit of crowdsourced democratic fashizm:] Hi Greg. Thanks for maintaining your awesome website. I would like to Read More