"If you believe in evolution, you've gotta be a Nazi if you think about it long enough." -*George Lincoln Rockwell

On the alt-right, debates over moral ontology are typically divided between (metaphysical) naturalists (or materialists) and theists. Naturalists believe (1) morality is the byproduct of sociobiological evolution selecting for

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The Election Tragedy

Regardless of who wins the looming presidential election – and as of now, in an attempted psy-op to demoralize Trump voters, the media is heavily overweighting Democrat voters in its polls – this election has been a tragedy for a number of reasons.

The Stakes

It is a tragedy that the stakes

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I spent some time visiting friends recently and I was able to live the life of a normie American in a world of Pozivision. Pozivision is Television plus Poz. New Pozivision concepts are market tested in the U.S. before being rolled out to the rest of the planet for

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The Rise of Weimerica’s Legions

“Senators were apparently discouraged from serving – a policy that became permanent about half a century later under Gallienus; Italian-borne men, except in moments of great emergency, practically disappeared from the rank and file (although they still held higher commands); the old praetorian guard, the exclusive reserve of Italians, was disbanded

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The Daily Shoah #107: The Cartesian Pepetism

The latest from the Death Panel is available over at Radio.TheRightStuff.Biz! Featuring guests Murdoch Murdoch and more!

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