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The Fallacy of Race Denialism

What race am I?It seems that the most fashionable position one can take on the issue of race today is an outright denial of the entire concept. This talking point is currently all the rage with people that like to think of themselves as intellectual and politically savvy. It is particularly popular among

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The Double-Edged Sword

PostmodernIt’s currently in vogue for progressives to steal certain tools from the philosophy of existentialism and attempt to wield them clumsily at political adversaries. Whether or not leftists are aware of this, many of their rhetorical devices are ripped straight out of a vastly more nuanced and cerebral playbook,

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The Right Stuff Argumentative Style

argumentationThose that have spent time in various libertarian or anarcho-capitalist political circles have probably come across the peculiar concept of Argumentation Ethics, the logical construct developed by Professor Hans-Hermann Hoppe that theoretically provides the ultimate justification for the libertarian ethical doctrine of property rights and non-aggression. This theory essentially claims

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Hey Bro, Socially Constructed Reality is Freakin' Awesome

Social construct mug

A persistent meme that floats around in radical left-wing, anarchist, communist and libertarian intellectual circles is the idea that there is something inherently bad and wrong with “socially constructed” reality. The reality we live in — so the argument goes — is built on a series of socially constructed norms that are

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