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If you feel your Newspeak lexicon is voluminous enough, then check your privilege, shitlord. Everyday Feminism’s Laura Kacere has belched out a new phrase you can add to your maudlin, jargon-laden screeds against everything good and sane in society. You’ve heard of heteronormativity: the crazy idea that because

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A Fat Queer Clumsily Wields Tactical Nihilism

Recently Black Girl Dangerous, the ultimate proving ground for un-ironic post-modernist identity politics, featured an article by a “fat brown goddess” wistfully complaining that The Great White Cultural Leviathan had “colonized” everyone’s perceptions of love and beauty. Like most BGD posts, Caleb Luna’s article is a veritable gold

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White-Presenting Black Girl Dangerously Self-Detonates

danger-sign-safe-spaceToday’s article comes to us from the SWPL favorite SJW blog Black Girl Dangerous. Rent-seeking intersectionality double-dipper Mia McKenzie has penned this handy guide for white people on how they can just shut up and give minority pressure groups whatever the fuck they demand. She has organized her ransom

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