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A Patriotic Postscript

(Thanks to commenter abcdavid01 for the catch!)

With the country largely focused on defending/attacking Nelson Mandela’s empty suit legacy, I wonder how many had the time to notice that Saturday the 7th was supposed to be a significant day of remembrance. Before there was 9/11 there was

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A Glimpse Into White Guilt: The "Blacker-Than-Thou" Morality Contest

One of the more obnoxious and tiresome aspects of white liberal cultural degeneration in the postmodern era is the tendency to assign moral superiority and progress to things that are ostensibly “black” and moral inferiority and backwardness to things that are “white.” I’m sure we’re all familiar with

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Mandela: The Great White Hope


If you have been on social media in the past 24 hours no doubt you have seen at least one meme posted conflating Nelson Mandela and Morgan Freeman. These images are hilarious because they are such an effective troll of exactly the kind of empty, self-righteous, white liberal do-gooder that

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