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Stereotype Threat: A "God of the Gaps" for Liberals

Being one of the only atheists in existence to actually spend time examining theistic arguments instead of just posting Christopher Hitchens memes, I’ve been reading Edward Feser‘s The Last Superstitution: A Refutation of the New Atheism, a book I firmly recommend to anyone interested in either Thomas Aquinas’

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Science for the Science God!

tysonismThere is perhaps nothing more detestable and toxic in present day political discourse than the unwarranted arrogance and snarky attitude displayed by conventional liberals thoroughly convinced that their oh so enlightened social views are based on science. Apparently passing high school biology, watching Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and thumbing various

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I Fucking Love Nothing

If you see it, it’s for you.

That individual, in a sea of “children”, is responsible for her own awareness of and relationship to the truth that she must discover; and had she tried to convey that inner discovery to anyone else in the audience– I kind of peeked

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