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Sorry For Discovering America

Isn't it awful? It's the current year and we're still commemorating the other great Shoah perpetrated by Europeans! Ugh, disgusting.

White men came to the Americas (which were referred to as such by the natives, thus Native-Americans—duh!) to exploit and steal the noble civilizations that were already in the continent and that have their origins in its very soil.

Where was I? Ah, yes, apologizing. I'm sorry. I AM SORRY! Please forgive my ancestors, for making you part of the White Man's sphere of influence and forcing upon you our false science, our unnatural and ignoble medicine that efficiently treats the body but nothing else, and finally our tasteless, bland, soulless, and unimaginative culture. Please believe that I am a good moral person; please accept my signaling and self-hatred. Please?

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