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White Nationalist Ambassador to the Spanish speaking third world. See how we try to Make Latin America Spain Again here:

SJWs on the Right (a Lesson on War)

One of the most hilarious and ineffectual attacks Alt-lighters and overall low-hanging-fruit-grabbers like Sargon of Mossad or Paul Joseph Watson (who I bet will start doing it now after Salutegate, if he hasn't already) use on us, is to say that we are just like SJWs but rightwing. You see,

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Love Your Alt-Right Neighbor

The Alt-Right is pretty diverse (in the non-dildo sense) place. I understand we are bound to disagree on a lot of things and pretending that we won't is naive. I'm not even here to tell you to stop every and all in-fighting, because that is the pinnacle of naiveté.


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The Mestizo Question

Before starting, I want to clarify that my intention with this article is not to deconstruct Whiteness, or condone race-mixing or defend squat-Incas ruining America. My intention is to talk about an issue that we will have to eventually examine and decide upon. At the very least we should keep

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