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It must be made so, because Fascinus says it must.

The Trans*valuation of All Values

Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner. The media and the world are alight with enthusiasm and admiration for a mentally ill man strutting about like an empress with no clothes. So this is it: We’ve reached the climax of this clamorous, demented kabuki theater called progressivism. Six gorillion “so

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American Nationalism: Not A Proposition

Nowadays being a nationalist means hating your nation. One often hears from certain American white nationalists, for example, that America is a cultureless proposition nation or that the American War of Independence was a Judaeo-Masonic-Leftist conspiracy hell-bent on undermining traditional Western civilization. That's really neat, but it's time for faggots

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If you feel your Newspeak lexicon is voluminous enough, then check your privilege, shitlord. Everyday Feminism’s Laura Kacere has belched out a new phrase you can add to your maudlin, jargon-laden screeds against everything good and sane in society. You’ve heard of heteronormativity: the crazy idea that because

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