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"Economic globalism has nothing to do with Jews or open borders or cultural Marxist subversion."

This insane falsehood is made by corporate conservatives and libertarians who call themselves "racialists." I often see it coupled with the argument that "It's not big business's fault the government puts a gun to their

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Jewish Revolutionary Media/Activist Complex Desperately Attempts to Skew the Narrative on Baltimore Riots

The latest ooga-boogie, this time in Baltimore, is the most explicitly racial yet. More transparency would clearly have benefited the (mostly black) Baltimore PD, what with a hot summer around the corner and phenotypical sharks swarming the waters. That said, the printer-ink-exhausting rap-sheet of Freddie Gray—while certainly not

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Novorussia, Atlanticists, And Ukrainian Nationalists

Here I will demonstrate that the nascent Russian imperial state and their Novorussian proxies are not friends or allies of European Nationalists or of “far-right” ideology.

I will further refute the notion that the Ukrainian Nationalists and patriots are somehow all Jews, or supporters of Zionism, or desirous of union

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