Radical Deconstruction

Confederate statues in the American South are quite literally the last stand of explicit White supremacy. They represent a caste society which placed Aryans at the apex, above the other races of this continent, and so also represent the public or civic valuation of Aryan man as a soldier and a statesman dedicated to maintaining that society and advancing its cause.

It should come as no surprise that there is a campaign to tear these monuments down. Having lost the presidential election, the left is hungry for a target it can score a victory against which cannot be denied from it. And victory cannot be denied because the only defenders of pariahs are pariahs. There are two kinds of people who defend these statues. The first are a thoroughly reconstructed variety of Confederate "heritage" activist whose response to accusations of "racism" is to say that people of all colors fought for the South in the War Between the States. (This statement, while factually correct, misses the forest not even for the trees but for fallen leaves). The second are explicitly pro-White activists who ignore accusations of "racism" and simply defend the statues without qualification.

Therein lies the difference. It is impossible to truly defend the Confederacy without defending the racial caste system. It is impossible to defend the racial caste system without valuing Aryans above non-Aryans. Ergo, to defend these public works of historical memory for their value to Southerners is to engage in "racism." Were these statues not "racist," that is were they not symbols of an Aryan caste society, they would not be targeted for deconstruction. Those who try to defend the statues from a position of retconned Confederate "diversity" are ideologically much closer to Landrieu than Lee, and not only have zero chance at success but actually harm those who would.

Thus the deconstruction of the South proceeds, and it must be made to die a third death by our masters. Those who would defend these statues against charges of them being "racist" shall not only lose the debate, they shall lose the wrong debate. Those who defend the statues because of their "racism," while they may not succeed, are at least winning that wrong debate and properly defending what these monuments truly represent rather than perverting their legacy in an ill-fated effort to save them for vanity purposes.

The statues cannot be maintained without a revolutionary redirection of the government. That is not currently on the table and so the inevitable is, for now, more government orchestrated deconstruction. In the eyes of the cattle who make up America, "racism" is the platonic form of evil. Evil must be opposed, and the government's task is to root out that evil. Thus most Americans are content to let the Negro-run cities of the South demolish evidence that Whites ever lived there.

Now, we do not embrace this label of evil, nor do we recognize the legitimacy of these governments. We know true evil is what is being done to not merely the South but the whole United States and the rest of the Aryan world. Evil is not wishing for a less degenerate society and remembering those who fought to stem that tide. Evil is promoting the degeneration of society and smashing the ruins of its former glory.

Even after the last Confederate monument is ripped from its pedestal, the deconstruction of monumental Aryan heritage in the South and the United States will not abate. As many commentators have correctly observed, there are no arguments against the Confederacy that could not be made against the United States itself. That is because both spring from the same heritage of British imperialism, colonialism, and racial caste hierarchy. The Founding Fathers of the United States will go next, along with any other Aryan historical figures who did not explicitly serve the cause of degeneration.

And in time, surely even those "allies," should public memorializations of them exist, will meet a similar fate. Why remember the contributions of Whites to anything when they are the first cause of inequality in the first place? What thanks is owed to LBJ by the common Negro or Mexican? Which president was that again anyway?

And when all the of the symbols of Aryan dominion over the United States have been smashed or placed in "educational" displays, what will the ignorant horde devour next in its insatiable drive for vengeance? I hardly doubt they will be content. They never are. No people have ever won a cold war by giving the other side everything they want until they feel emboldened enough for a hot war.

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