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“Three weeks ago, we began a challenging but long overdue process of removing four statues that honor the Lost Cause of the Confederacy. Today we continue the mission. These monuments have stood not as historic or educational markers of our legacy of slavery and segregation, but in celebration of it. I believe we must remember all of our history, but we need not revere it. To literally put the Confederacy on a pedestal in some of our most prominent public places is not only an inaccurate reflection of our past, it is an affront to our present, and a bad prescription for our future. We should not be afraid to confront and reconcile our past.” — New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D)

By now you have probably heard that the Jefferson Davis statue in New Orleans has been removed to a warehouse by a crew of black firemen, by order of the city council. New Orleans is 60.2% black, but their mayor is a doughy white cuck who has changed ethnic loyalties in order to be elected. Many such cases!

The statue of the Confederacy's only president was erected in 1910 well after the end of the Civil War, as both a memorial and a symbol of the regional heritage of the southern United States. In all likelihood, it is going to be re-purposed, which is perhaps a fate worse than simply toppling it over.

Ideally, the identitarian movement would have some wealthy benefactors who could buy up these geographically threatened statues from the black-and-cuck run cities looking to tear them down, and put them on private property. If Seattle can move a Lenin statue from the Czech Republic and re-install it, it shouldn't be insurmountable. A local English teacher mortgaged his own home to finance it, though it eventually ended up held in trust by the area's chamber of commerce.

On the other hand, who is going to buy a Confederate statue and lose all of their social status as a member of the wealthy elite (who prefer murderous foreign communists to their own history)?

The most likely outcome seems to be a museum. This will keep statues like Jefferson Davis intact and free of vandalism, but you can imagine who will be curating them and how these sites will be used to educate visitors about "racism." If we refer to the language of Landrieu we can very much see his Mandela-esque message in how we need to "remember" or be "educational" and "confront and reconcile." These statues are going to be used to teach people about "racism," which just means whitey = evil.

There will be multiple phases of evil white racism to "reconcile" and educate about. First, the racism of America being founded through Indian genocide. Second, the racism of African slavery being introduced to the country. Third, the racism of war to preserve slavery. Fourth, the memorialization of that war through urban monuments as racism against freed blacks in the postwar south. Fifth, the racism of defenders of these statues in the post-segregation south. Finally, the racism of contemporary America, where white people still earn more money than black people.

And don't think for a second that the Founding Fathers will be spared this treatment. Washington and Jefferson were slaveholders as much as any of the Confederate gentry. And most wypipo still need to be "reconstructed" anyway.

There is no end to what the left will demolish if it falls on the wrong side of history. Not even the victors of a civil war are safe (something fans of African deportationist Abraham Lincoln should keep in mind).

Spanish caudillo Francisco Franco's remains, located in the Valle de los Caidos war cemetery complex, are no longer safe in the ground due to the election of a left-wing parliamentary majority. Franco, who defended his country against the horrors of bolshevism, should obviously be a hero, but there are no heroes in a society run by the left except those who destroy order and culture. In a non-binding resolution, by 198-1 with 140 abstentions, it was decided that Franco's remains should be exhumed and removed to a different location. Mind you, it is already illegal to hold rallies at the site, so it is officially apolitical. But no matter, dig up the man who prevented the adoption of the Soviet starvation model and bury him in a ditch.

The impulse to destroy history and defile human remains seems to be one of the left. But worse a fate is being propped up in a museum and used to teach people to hate what's left of your kind.

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