FTFY COMIX: Cory Thomas and Being Black

The ascention of the God Emperor has provided us with no end of liberal tears and tasty schadenfreude. Enter problem negro Cory Thomas. His comic strip, The wierdness of being black in white spaces, highlights the mental insanity of being a problem negro in Huwhyte America the day after Trump's election. White people are generally happy, going about their daily lives, exercising agency, even if they didn't vote for Der Fuhrer. But inside the problem negro, paranoia sets in. Everyone is out to get him. Which whities are okay? Which are evil? They're all smiling. Don't they see that we're on the edge of oblivion?

The answer is simple. You chose to be around people. You don't have to, you know. There are tons of vibrant spaces for pocs, wocs, and other undesirables all around the United States. For your mental stability, Mr. Thomas, you should probably move to Chiraq or Apelanta with your kind and you can all seethe over whitey's victory together, away from the triggering faces and white spaces.

So in honor of Mr. Thomas's comix, I Fixed That For You.

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