No More Chicagos

The abduction and torture of a mentally disabled young White man in Chicago by four black thugs earlier this week was both unsurprising and supremely rustling. After all, we on the Alt Right know the statistics. This is what blacks do when they have the opportunity, the numbers, and the tacit support of the government. It is not an aberration; it is closer to a genetic imperative.

But in this age of social media, nothing can compare to the power of video. Black sportsball players have learned this the hard way—knocking out a bitch off camera may get you a temporary suspension, but doing so on video gives the plantation owners no choice but to drop the hammer. In a truly humane society, every mudshark would be issued a body camera so as to enjoy some respite owing to the Hawthorne effect.

What makes this incident different, then, is that it was captured on video by the perps themselves. We saw someone bound, gagged, beaten, cut, and forced to drink out of a toilet—given the full South Africa treatment—while his dindu tormentors shouted “Fuck White People! Fuck Donald Trump!” What is seen cannot be unseen.

Ironically, enough, the mayor of Chicago himself has given us a template for how to move forward. It was Rahm Emanuel who famously advised Obama “You never let a good crisis go to waste. And by that I mean that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

This incident is a potent redpill. Normies and soccer moms are frightened and disgusted, all the more so given the fact that the victim was mentally handicapped. We need to use this opportunity not only to bring more of them into the movement, but to apply pressure on the incoming Congress and Administration to implement structural change.
Here is a modest proposal for a legislative program that would result in “meaningful change":

1. National conceal carry. Congress needs to pass legislation mandating that every jurisdiction allow conceal carry with a minimum of regulatory red tape. Incidents like this don’t happen in areas where Whites are likely to be armed. Even if White Chicagoans don’t avail themselves of the opportunity to arm themselves in large numbers, the mere possibility that a victim might fight back will deter chimpouts.

2. Mandatory sentencing guidelines for violence against law enforcement and for civil unrest. Take the decision making power out of the hands of liberal and cucked judges. When blacks commit crimes against police or riot, they should be subject to harsh penalties without any flexibility.

3. Give protected legal status to political views. Nationalists (and even basic bitch conservatives) are being targeted for doxxing and firing. Most of us are not even comfortable posting our real names on message boards, let alone participating in IRL activism. We have to be able to “come out of the closet” without fear of retribution. Pass legislation making it illegal for companies to discriminate against employees on the basis of political views, including “racism.” This means that companies like Facebook, Twitter, and others cannot summarily terminate accounts of political enemies.

4. Declare BLM a terror-supporting organization. With the stroke of a pen, President Trump can marginalize this group, cut off its funding, and forever taint those associated with it. Adding BLM to the list of terror organizations will empower local police to act with extreme prejudice (so to speak) and will also enable federal agencies to provide logistical and surveillance support.

5. Nationalize Twitter (hat tip to Lawrence Murray). Twitter is a de facto commons. It is the means by which we spread our memes and organize. Without it, we are confined to an echo chamber and the main stream media maintains its ability to control the narrative. Twitter has no hope of becoming profitable. The likeliest “exit scenario” is a buyout by another major media company like Facebook, which would be able to absorb Twitter’s ongoing losses. We can’t allow that to happen. Twitter should be made part of the public domain, and full first amendment protections should be applied.

6. Pass a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting felons from voting. The fewer blacks that vote, the better. They are far more likely to commit felonies, and this provides a perfect pretext for removing their right to vote, permanently. We have seen in the recent election that, given the opportunity, Democratic governors will re-enfranchise felons in numbers sufficient to swing close elections.

7. Pass national voter ID. In the same spirit as point #6 above, it’s time to settle this issue once and for all at the national level. Require valid ID in order to participate in any federal election. Period.

8. Expand the definition of “hate crime” to include ANY violent crime against a member of another race. This may seem counterintuitive, since the very idea of “hate crimes” is abhorrent to many traditionalists. But the reality is that the vast majority of “interracial crime” in this country is perpetrated by blacks against Whites. Furthermore, the response of the Chicago PD shows that even in instances where an obvious hate crime has been committed against Whites, they are unlikely to prosecute it as such. Take the decision away from them. If a black attacks a White, it is ipso facto a hate crime. And vice versa, for whatever that’s worth.

The above legislative program is a start. We have the opportunity and the power. If we don’t do it now, we may never have another chance. Beyond legislative action, we have to use these moments to improve the overall health of our dialectic. This means offering a kind of “temporary amnesty” to cuck nationalists during times of crisis. Cernovich, for all of his unnecessary cucking and drama, has been willing to call this crime what it is. He has a large audience. He is an influencer. There is no reason why we can’t work with him and people like him to advance our cause when the stars align. If they fall back into cuckoldry, call them out on it. But in the meantime, heap praise on them for doing the right thing. This is what the communists and socialists did so successfully with liberals throughout the 20th century.

The #BLMkidnapping incident can serve as an Alamo moment, rallying our people to their own defense. “No More Chicagos” should be our battle cry.