The Rise of Weimerica’s Legions

“Senators were apparently discouraged from serving – a policy that became permanent about half a century later under Gallienus; Italian-borne men, except in moments of great emergency, practically disappeared from the rank and file (although they still held higher commands); the old praetorian guard, the exclusive reserve of Italians, was disbanded and then refashioned using the best legionnaires from the frontier. This weakened the central tenet of the imperial army: Rome’s dominance. Yet the citizen-soldier ideal would be renewed in 312 A.D. when the next emperor, Caracalla (Septimius’ son), extended citizenship to all freeman within the Roman Empire. By extending such privileges to practically all imperial subjects, this policy diluted the Roman military ideal.” - Antonio Santosuosso, Storming the Heavens: Soldiers, Emperors and Civilians in the Roman Empire.

Normies and gung-ho flag waving patriots of our Hollowed Empire still display reverence to the U.S. “military.” It was one of the last institutions to have been spared the corrupting and degrading influence of progressive modernity (something the NFL is beginning to find out). Many of my good friends are currently active duty, National Guard and/or veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. A not insignificant portion of the Alt Right are military men who sacrificed their early years of manhood, not partying at an over-priced college or bar-hopping, but on overwatch in Fallujah or Helmand Province. They’re honorable men, but I’d wager that, sadly, they’re likely the last remnant of Columbia’s once traditional fighting force.

The Left loves to describe the ruin of something beautiful with the quip, “Not Your Grandfather’s [insert destroyed tradition].” God knows they repeated it extensively when Virginia “suddenly” turned blue in 2008 and 2012, after not voting for a Democrat presidential candidate since Lyndon Johnson (that scumbag). But, in the case of Uncle Sam’s war machine, we really are beginning to see the mutation of our military. It certainly isn’t “my grandfather’s military” anymore – his all-White (and all-male) Marine unit was fighting the Chicoms on the Korean Peninsula. To be fair though, it’s not even “the military from 2003” anymore – not with the mandated push for increased non-Whites, females, sodomites and other mentally deranged individuals, including men who slice their dick off and wear a wig.

It’s tragic to watch - the decline of our military as it morphs, and matches, our demographic and moral deterioration. Instead of citizen-soldiers, much like Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus proudly taking up arms to defend his native soil, we recruit non-Whites for gibs and an “education.” Instead of the best and brightest, we have forced “diversity” quotas, which will guarantee a drop in effectiveness. In the name of Weimerica’s false idol, Equality™, we’re now sending our mothers, daughters and sisters to die with our fathers, brothers and sons for (((neocon chicanery))).

In early 2015, Secretary of the Air Force Deborah James, a career bureaucrat, decided to celebrate Women’s History Month (no, there is no Men’s History Month) by announcing a set of nine initiatives to decrease the amount of White men in the Air Force. One of her initiatives allows “top performers” (think pregnant women) to take up to three years off without risking prospects for future promotion. Furthermore, Deb wants less male pilots and since there is a height requirement for the role - that is, a standing height of 64 to 77 inches and a sitting height of 34 to 40 inches - Debbie has elected to “modify” the waiver process. Beforehand, the waiver could only be offered to Air Force Academy cadets, but Debbie has expanded the process to include even your basic ROTC cadets, meaning that close to a thousand women will now be eligible to become pilots.

But, it gets better.

Having seen her 2015 initiatives not weaken the Air Force as quickly enough, last month, under the direction of James, the Air Force announced a new set of 13 “inclusion” initiatives. Whenever you hear the word “inclusion” you should immediately consider it “anti-White and anti-male.” The first new initiative mandates that at least one diverse candidate (think non-White male) will have to be considered for important positions like aide-de camp, senior enlisted advisor and executive officer, among other roles. This is similar to the NFL’s Rooney Rule – where teams are required to interview a non-White for a head coaching position.

In case competent reviewers pass on Tyrone or Verniqua, a second proposal declares that Development Teams (DTs) and Command Selection Boards (CSBs), both closely involved in the selection process, must have a certain number of diverse candidates sitting on them. Under this anti-White mandate, the DTs and CSBs must also “assess the diversity of both the selectees and those not selected for command following the board’s decision.” Air Force Chief of Staff General (((David Goldfein))) over-anxiously and neurotically insisted in an interview: “This is not about social engineering. This is about maintaining a competitive advantage.” Sure, Shlomo.

In his book, The Athena Project, overrated spy novelist and all-around cuck, Brad Thor, wrote about an elite cadre of formidable and fatal female operatives of Delta Force. It’s the type of tripe garbage that he hammers out on a quarterly basis. Thor’s fantastical novel, plus (((Hollywood’s))) never-ending crusade to present 100 pound women as the next Colonel John Matrix (Arnold from Commando) is the pleb-tier propaganda that convinces the normie public and women in general that it’s A-Okay for prospective wives and mothers to volunteer for the military. Take Private Erika Lopez for example, she was supposed to be the next G.I. Jane and enlisted as a combat engineer – she ended up going AWOL and is no longer in basic training.

Although, we won’t feel the effects of Defense Secretary Ashton (I hate that name) Carter’s 2015 decision to open combat positions to women for some time – perhaps our impending war with Russia will showcase the stupidity of that decision (not like anyone wants to fight the Russians anyway, except the Jews and their Shabbos goys). But, when we do, it’s not going to work out well for Weimerica’s Legions, now that “inclusion and diversity” rule the day. This isn’t based off “toxic bigotry spewing hatred,” but basic observation of the sexes and studies.

A recent study by Britain’s Tri-Service Review found that mixed-gender combat units have “lower survivability,” a “reduced lethality rate” and reduced deployability. According to The Washington Post, the U.S Marines recently conducted a test with integrated units competing against all-male units. The gender-integrated unit’s assessment found that “40.5 percent of women participating suffered some form of musculoskeletal injury, while 18.8 percent of men did. Twenty-one women lost time in the unit due to injuries, 19 of whom suffered injuries to their lower extremities. Of those, 16 women were injured while carrying heavy loads in an organized movement, like a march, the study found.” Furthermore, another Marine study concluded that, "Marine teams with female members performed at lower overall levels, completed tasks more slowly and fired weapons with less accuracy than their all-male counterparts. In addition, female Marines sustained significantly higher injury rates and demonstrated lower levels of physical performance capacity overall.”

Then, we get to the major transformation of the Empire’s military – race. Based on the official 2014 demographics report [pdf], the armed forces are, unsurprisingly, less and less White. For instance, in 1995 the total (all branches) amount of non-Whites consisted of 28.2% enlisted and 10.5% of the officers. By 2014, those numbers have risen to 32.9% and 22.5% respectively. The Navy’s explosion in non-White members is also shocking. During the same period, the Navy’s non-Whites grew from 26.2% enlisted and 8.8% officers to a staggering 42.7% and 20.5%. That’s incredible, considering blacks generally can’t even swim. The Department of Defense even knows that Whites are being demographically displaced, here’s the mission statement from the Office of Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity: “The changing face of the Nation demands that we change. As the demographic make-up of the American population continues to evolve, it is imperative that the Department of Defense focus its efforts on emerging talent to ensure that we successfully attract, recruit, develop and retain a highly-skilled Total Force capable of meeting current and future mission requirements.”

Nothing instills pride in a nation like two mentally deranged dykes locking lips outside a ship’s hull

Finally, we have the disastrous decision by President High Yeller, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta (I swear not White) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen (Shabbos goy) ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in 2011. I mean, what really needs to be said, other than it makes your skin crawl that sodomites can “proudly” sashay around base in their uniform. The American Fabius and our first president, George Washington, certainly wouldn’t have approved – under his order which states “abhorrence and detestation of such infamous crimes,” Lt. Gotthold Frederick Enslin was drummed out of the Continental Army for "attempting to commit sodomy.” The soon-to-be-discharged lieutenant was trying to sodomize a private in his unit. Enslin also has the distinction of being the first faggot to be discharged from the U.S. military for his sinful behavior.

In 2015, Obama declared June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month” (another degenerate month – still waiting on White Pride Month). After the announcement, Air Force General Counsel Gordon O. Tanner signaled that he would do two things in celebrating LGBT Pride Month -- set new mentoring goals for rising young LGB leaders and visit the gravesite of former Air Force Tech Sgt. Leonard Matlovich in the Congressional Cemetery on Capitol Hill. “Sergeant Matlovich was the first to fight the ban on gays serving in the military,” Tanner explained. “His picture was on the cover of Time Magazine in 1975; NBC made a movie about his life.”

He also died from AIDS. Not kidding.

In June, 2016, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter (never served by the way) opened up the military to the mentally ill community – the tranny freak show. It was reported last month that the Pentagon will provide sex-change operations to some active-duty transgender service members if a military doctor determines that surgery is required to treat the individual's “gender dysphoria.” The Pentagon officially stated that they expect to pay $40,000 to $50,000 during the course of a service member's life for their madness – and annually at $2.4 to $8.4 million. Your tax dollars at work! And, you can bet your bottom dollar those tranny treatments will be expedited and paid precisely on time, while our honored dead liquefy in neglected body bags at incompetent VA hospitals.

So, the Empire will be defended by women, muds, sodomites and cross-dressing eunuchs (plus, women who have artificial penises). Got it. But, what about doctrine?

In February of this year, Dakota Wood, a retired Marine Corps officer and U.S. Central Command planner, said the Pentagon is introducing climate change, right down to military tactics level. “By equating tactical actions of immediate or short-term utility with large-scale, strategic-level issues of profound importance, the issue of climate change and its potential impact on national security interests is undermined,” he said. “Incorporate climate change impacts into plans and operations and integrate DoD guidance and analysis in Combatant Command planning to address climate change-related risks and opportunities across the full range of military operations, including steady-state campaign planning and operations and contingency planning.” This sounds like the mindset that built the Maginot Line.

As the infection of pozz continues to spread and compound, how will Weimerica’s Legions perform in battle? Think the Battle of Adrianople.

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