Final Boss Fight at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY: A Visitor’s Guide

This year’s first Presidential Debate is being hosted by Hostra University in Hempstead, NY. This is the third consecutive debate Hofstra U. has hosted. Hofstra’s hometown Hempstead will be happy to get any extra money the debate brings to the small city. Hopefully TRS can help fill dem coffers.

Hempstead funds tons of dem programs and is a vibrant and diverse municipality. Hofstra isn’t the best school, especially for a private institution. Maybe we can help with that too. It ranks 133 and at almost 43K/year, you’re better off going someplace else. It does, however, boast a Planned Parenthood within walking distance. This isn’t a college guide though. If your daughter is still very young or you don’t have a daughter, you don’t have to worry about the indoctrination yet or how to pay for it.

First off, transportation. You don’t want to take the train to Hempstead. It might be okay coming in but leaving at night in the dark, you might run into a misunderstanding with them good boys. You’d be in their territory for quite a hike if you don’t take a cab. If you do take a cab, the once noticeably somewhat grand facilities that were the Hempstead Train Station have that lackluster Americana-3rd Worldly feel. There is also a bus terminal there too. Think small-town Port Authority.

If you know any Hillary supporters, though, direct them to use the train. Tell them you read this and feel comfortable with them using the train.

What you really wanna do is drive in. It may cost a few shekels for parking, goy, but it’s worth it. Hofstra is basically in the middle of Long Island across its latitude. No matter how you come onto the Island, you’re gonna want to get to the Meadowbrook State Parkway, exit at M5(Hempstead Turnpike West). If you’re coming down from the North and see a burnt out area along the Parkway, get ready to get off. That burnt out area is from a hobo fire. If you’re getting there early, you can always head on over to Eisenhower Park. The Park is bigger than NYC’s Central Park and was envisioned as Long Island’s Central Park.
Be careful what you wish for though, right?

All of the diversity festivals are over but there are a lot of nice war memorials on the Park’s West Side. Stay away from the South side of the Park, Field 2. That’s where the hobos hang this time of year. If you head over there, there is a good chance you will see a hobo dong relieving itself even though two bathrooms are less than a football field away.

If you choose to go straight to Hofstra, you are going to pass the future derelict former home of the NY Islanders, Nassau Coliseum. You’ll also pass by the Coliseum Gun Traders gun shop where you can check out NY S.A.F.E. Act-compliant black rifles like AR-15s. They have to be sold with a special stock and rail system because mentally ill degenerate school shootings, mass killing machine, etc. Please note, if you’re looking to buy any ammo, you are going to need to present ID and be willing to be put into a database.

So we’ve gone over the sights; did I mention the city was vibrant? If you’re a religious man or woman, you’re in luck because there are seriously like 50 churches in Hempstead proper. That’s them 501c3s, goy. There are also a ton of independent businesses most likely run by some type of A-rab or mestizo. Hempstead is not all just small businesses and churches though. They do have at least two off-brand food stores along with two off-brand gas stations and at least half a dozen “Laundry Palaces.”

Are you thinking, I might get hungry? Especially with a heightened potential for a flourish of adrenaline rushes? Well, Hempstead is home to 3 fried chicken restaurants on the same street Hofstra is on. Keep on going right past Popeye’s--that is an original though, from before the rebranding. People like to pack into Kennedy Fried Chicken (The Real KFC), and further on down the street, there's Wings and Things. Both of these restaurants are beloved by the locals and actually put a fledgling Kentucky Fried Chicken out of business.

If you’re really up for an adventure, power up your meme magic and go see Kek at Pepe’s Deli:

Hempstead wasn’t always so vibrant and still hosts a large majority of the greater township's services as well as tons of other of dem programs. Hempstead once was actually a place of implicit White Identity. It seems the sundown towns to the east, changes in commerce, and apartment buildings corralled the darkness into Hempstead.

Below is one of Hempstead’s last remnants of its White past, the Polish National Club. Stop in!

Note the border fence. Hofstra also has plenty of border fences.

There was an Elks Club too but it now seems to be defunct:

No Loitering Here, Goys.

In all seriousness, Hempstead has been a hotbed of gang activity over the summer, as summarized in our local shitlib paper, Newsday. It’s not a good place to be. It is not uncommon for universities to border on a similar neighborhood. Funnily enough, directly to the north and to the south are upper-middle class homes with little or no buffer. They are almost literally located on “the other side of the tracks.”

If you were fortunate enough to get tickets for today’s main event, there are going to be protests. The police are reasonably assuming a thousand with an upper limit of 5000. Trump should bring the crazies out even if they are on the wane. Protesters will start pretty well contained. There are nice looking temporary fences already in place. The main road is being advertised as “to be closed” on the day of and there is quite a large perimeter going up. There is always the chance that protestors and demonstrators could spill out onto the Meadowbrook Parkway if there is a large BLM presence.

Some may try to escort (((Jill Stein))) into the event so her great Green Party ideas can be heard. Some jerk-offs have a 51’ inflatable joint that will be in attendance. On a more serious note, the Communist Party will be there protesting, as well as a Chicago-based education group. “Counterpunch” is trying to Organize an “Occupy the Debates” protest, ostensibly for third-party access. Rounding out the protestors will be fast food workers protesting for higher wages.

The debate is tonight at 9pm EST.

She can’t stump 'em...