Flavor-Aid Did Nothing Wrong

James Warren "Jim" Jones was a good goy commie fuck. When he was born, his mother believed thoroughly that she had given birth to a messiah. Little Jimmy grew up in a very small toilet less Indiana home reading books written from wondrous wordsmiths such as Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and even, oddly enough, Adolf Hitler. Speculation could only assume he threw our Lord's work of Mein Kampf directly into the trash. Jones had problems as a child, due mostly to him being raised in a weirdly religious household. He never made long lasting friendships with anyone and was obsessed with death and dying.

Ol' Jim Jones was a merry old soul and a card carrying member was he. In Indianapolis Indiana, He attended meetings and became a known member of the Communist Party USA. This became the source of his frustration when the FBI, (which actually fucking did shit back in those days) hounded the hell out of him and his mother. There were two events in his life that cemented his desire to betray his nation and race. The first event was a speech he attended in college on the hard knock lives of Dindus in the U.S. orated by the bitter old hag Eleanor Roosevelt. The second event was the execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, two traitor jews that deserved their easy bake fate. In a later interview long before the standard punch-bowl party, Jones stated "How can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church."

Jim Jones was very active in the (((integration))) of his own neighborhood. He was put in charge of the Human Rights Council of the area and from there helped the persecution of his own White racial family. He refused to keep a low profile and became the loudest voice in the march to pollute the Police and Fire Departments, hospitals and churches. He didn't stop until most of the area was thrown into bitter resentment of their own cucking. Jim Jones was a cuck himself who, along with his wife, adopted three gooks, a redskin and one prized dindlet. He called this his "Rainbow family" and paraded them around as a foreboding omen of the future of White America.

Now if you ask most people who Jim Jones was, the only thing they'll probably tell you is "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid" which is just fucking wrong, the cyanide poison was mixed with Flavor-Aide purple drank. Most know nothing or wouldn't even care to look into the actual message that Jim Jones actually preached. In this day and age it's not a shock because the media has blown up the Jonestown Suicides as just some dumb Christians that killed themselves because God told them too. This is all false and absolutely riddled in retarded myth.

Jim Jones was an self described agnostic and later announced atheist that crafted his own version of Christianity called "Apostolic Socialism." The People's Temple Sermons and beliefs were to revere and worship Jim Jones as the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Mahatma Gandhi, Father Divine, and Vladimir Lenin. Jonesy denounced God and the Bible as tools used to enslave and oppress non-Whites and women. There are sermons of him saying he wanted to "rape" God and burn all Bibles. The concept of God was twisted by him into this belief that Society is actually God and the greatest god of society was the god-concept of Socialism. The church members of the People's Temple worshiped Socialism as a fucking God, no shit. He was very concealed during the 1960s with his message but by the end of the '60s he was completely open with turning communism into a religious belief system based upon non other than worshiping himself as the divine light of the world.

When people think of Jim Jones or Jonestown they think of the evil that the absolute madman actually carried out, but they never think of how this communist cult leader was influencing the political climate in the areas he went. Jones had the personal approval of the White House from non other than Rosalynn Carter and Carter's VP. Back in San Francisco, after the moving the Temple again, the Mayor of San Francisco, George Moscone, appointed him as chairman of the Housing Authority. He was responsible for helping (((integrate))) non-Whites into this ancient Alt-Right Mecca. The flaming jew, Harvey "Sean Penn played me in a shitty docu-drama" Milk, was also a regular attendee and speaker at political rallies held inside the People's Temple. Jones was also a big hit with the Democratic party meetings and conventions. He was truly an well-rounded shabbos commie goy cuck.

"Jonestown" was created in Guyana around the mid-'70s as the "People's Temple Agricultural Project." The construction project which was going to be Jones's magnum opus, a Communist/Socialist Eden. Jonestown had a racially mixed population with 68% of its members 100% Dindu. Most families with children where mixed race of various coffee-colored combinations. The model for Jones town was to be a communist utopia where everyone was invited and no one left there alive. A little before the mass suicides, Jones had arrived and was having problems keeping the population under control because of his increasing drug habit. Torture, rapes and beatings were instigated to keep the inhabitants in check. Jones himself, after prepping bulls all his life, finally ascended as the alpha-cuck and began raping the members wives and daughters in his own personal harem. The Jonestown incident ended after Congressman Leo Ryan and several delegates visited the camp to report on the conditions and retreated with haste after being attacked by violent commie boons. On their way to the runway the next day, they were ambushed by Jonestown members and 5 were murdered. One of the Jonesies faked wanting to leave and pulled out a hand gun and fired upon other fleeing members on the tarmac. Fearing a retaliation from the United States Government, Ole Jimmy ordered the members to commit ritual suicide from cyanide-laced grape Flavor-Aid. The last statement he made was that they were "All committing Revolutionary Suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world."

Now you wont find most of this information strewn about on the likes of Biography channels or Bernie Sanders' Good Goy Shitlib Meme Machine. The reason why is that even though Jim Jones was a proven die-hard communist, he was created by the MSM as a caricature to represent the worst that Christianity has to offer. In all the years that these people were members of the People's Temple, nearly no one, except Jones' daughter questioned the motivations and doctrine he preached. Even at the height of his influence, when he was raping young boys and girls in front of the congregation, everybody just went along with it. They believed that his message was the word of God, and for the most part that was what he preached. He actually preached that God was the essence or spirit of Socialism. They believed this because socialism appeals to the weak willed and weak minded. They are the ones that lack the intellectual agency to achieve anything greater than a victim-hood status. This was Jim's theme throughout his "sermons." He often believed government agents were out to kill him and kill his members. Everything from the government during the time was oppressive against them, and holding his precious minorities down, and this message is often echoed today in secular sects of Christendom. Today, we see the assault of the Christian Church to the point where it resembles the "new Edens" Jones tried to create. There is philosophical turmoil, and infiltration of the clergy and pastors by vehement liberals and the communist red guard. Sacred texts are replaced by liberal beliefs and socialist ramblings. Gays and promiscuous people are praised and promoted. They live in a world where their god has become the god of the people, a communist one.

If anything, Jim Jones actually achieved something for the benefit of America in weeding out over 900 newly revolutionized communists. Even though it is kind of sad that over 300 babies were murdered at the hands of their own parents, I see this in the same sentiment as a liberal committing abortion. They're only weeding themselves out. As super hard-core edgy fascists, we really need to dispel this notion that Jim Jones didn't know what he was doing. He knew exactly what he was doing. Every action he made was carefully thought out and planned and the congregation was tagging along for the ride.

Jonestown isn't a reflection of the worst Christianity has to offer, Jonestown is the worst that crazy socialist celebrity cults have to offer. Today, we see these cults of personalities that drive the self hating, mongrels into believing that degenerate heathenism and submission to guilt are beneficial to them and actually a representative form of God. Jim Jones has been completely replaced now by ISIS and Islam, and also elements within the extreme leftist terrorist cells of AntiFa. They are known not to follow laws and seek out to completely kill us and our families. They were the generation that grew up sipping dat purple drank in the form of (((Jon Stewart))) and shows like (((South Park))). Each of which gave them weightless morals and insane superiority complexes. They never weened out of the faggy edginess and developed into their own person, because they still live in the world thinking they're fighting a great Satan. Liberals don't watch these shows completely for entertainment, they watch them to attend church. In this day and age, members of the Alt-Right have to watch out for these niche cults that seek to destroy our culture, our homes and our lives. All they seek to do is infiltrate, intimidate and dominate to fill a superficial need to be powerful. With that in mind, let's hope they only bring their Kool-Aid to our Standard Knife parties.