Day of the LARP

Everyone needs a little escapism every once and a while. It can help to reorient oneself towards an ideal that is being lost, or it can simply serve to give a moment of respite. I don't begrudge anyone who wants to take a break and indulge in some fantasy.

I do, however, object to escapism enveloping a person's worldview. It's easy to just dive into fantasy to avoid facing reality; after all, there are more ways than ever before to occupy yourself with meaningless things. Play an MMO 40 hours a week. Talk about Adventure Time for hours on Tumblr and go on Omegle and pretend to be your favourite character. Binge watch your favourite Chinese cartoon. Shut yourself into your own little world.

Sometimes people apply their escapism to their worldview to the point that their weltanschauung simply becomes elaborate escapism. The people who do this have good reasons for doing so. It's much easier than facing cold, hard truths.

I've encountered this type of attitude among many Christians that I know, specifically Evangelical Protestants. They're generally good people, and when they look around at the world they are shocked at what they see. How did it get this bad? Gay "marriage," hormone blockers for ten-year-olds, celebration of divorce, the denigration of the fatherland, and the glorification of hedonism is everywhere.

The next question they should be asking themselves is how to proceed. What steps need to be taken to reverse the damage, or at least separate from it? How do we fight it? How do we protect ourselves from it?

Such a question demands action that might not promise victory, but instead a long, hard, uncertain struggle. It demands the denial of instant gratification. It can be depressing. So, many people choose an easy way around it.

"The rapture's coming soon, it's the end times".

They have just theologically justified indifference to the decay. The above statement is apathy in the clothing of righteousness. It's a resignation in the face of adversity, rather than a commitment to fight.

Many in our circles have a similar problem. Instead of the Rapture magically snapping us out of this and saving us from having to actually do anything, there are people who talk about a sudden awakening followed by a purge that will leave us with Skyrim. There are variations on this theme, but the hardcore, old school types call this scenario the "Day of the Rope". Others think Trump winning the Presidency will usher in a similar event.

It's time for a reality check. Hitler isn't going to resurrect and establish the Fourth Reich in North America.

I'll mention a caveat here: I believe the situation in Europe might be different, due to the large Muslim population there. Here in Canada, the country has gone from 96% White to 75% White in the last 40 years, and there has been little more than the occasional grumble about it. In fact, our Conservative Party broke immigration records when they were in power, although Trudeau, not one to be outcucked, has since surpassed that record.

If Muslims in Europe were to simply stay relatively quiet, stick to homicide, theft, and general criminality, Europe would actually be in a much darker spot. These thousands of small acts put together are a recipe for the destruction a high trust society, but they are easily ignored by modern man who was a panoply of distractions at hand to keep him content. Muslims, however, are Muslims, and seem incapable of doing this. They insist on Aloha Snackbaring European cities a few times a year. These events don't kill as many people as regular homicides committed by Muslims, but human psychology has a way of latching on to large, spontaneous, and flashy events. The typical man on the street in America may not know that 60-70% of French inmates are Muslim, but he has certainly heard about the Paris attacks.

For us on the North American continent, the situation is different. The demographic decline is fairly advanced. Canada is 75% White, and the US is 66% White. Even without current rates of immigration, legal or otherwise, the trends don't favour us. The non-White population already present here is on course to surpass us numerically. The White population is on average older than the non-White population; among those under 18, Whites are only about 50% of the population, and will likely be in the minority before 2020. As soon as the Boomers start to pass away, America is going to see a dramatic shift in its racial composition. We're already a minority, whether or not we get the Trump Wall and a moratorium on immigration.

Despite what some might tell you, there isn't going to be a mass awakening that will prevent all of this. The situation will not correct itself. The reality is that we need to start preparing for a future where we are in the minority. Pro-White groups are few in number, and we are lacking in organisation. What lies before us is work, not miracles. We have the task of building a movement that can demand the loyalty of good men, a movement that has legitimacy in the eyes of our people.

We may have to face the reality that we aren't going to get the entire continent back--at least not right away. We have to control a street or a city block or a town before we can even think on the national scale. We haven't yet established much of a presence outside of the internet. I don't mean to dismiss the metapolitical groundwork being laid here, but it's only the start. Memes and essays will, in the end, not save us.

LARPing may help you feel better, but it isn't preparing you for the reality that we are going to have to face. There is no Space Hitler, there is only a long, hard, and difficult road, and if we're going to take it we need to prepare ourselves for it, mentally and otherwise. There are no quick fixes. We will win only if we can endure, possibly for decades, maybe even generations. But if we endure, we will win.

It's important that we make this realization, because we can't adopt the strategies of rightist movements from the past wholesale. Whatever you think of Fascism, it rose in a very specific set of circumstances, some of which we may see soon: war, mass unemployment, alienation from the government and its policies etc. One condition that was central to how the fascist movements operated was the presence of a homogeneous nation still tied to its soil, and bound more tightly together by history and a more collectivist psyche. It was this reality of Europe in the early 20th century that made fascism focus on seizing control of the established government, often electorally, rather than trying to develop parallel institutions. Europe may still be like this, but North America does not find itself in the same situation any longer--Hezbollah might make a better model than the NSDAP would.

I do not mean to be a defeatist when I write this, only a realist. Don't listen to those who tell you that it will be over when we go from 50% to 49.9% of the population. As long as there are White people on this continent there will be the possibility for the rebirth of Western civilization on the continent that bears a European's name.

So in human life and in a nation's life, if a mistake has been made, we ought to put it right, if we can. Some mistakes, especially in an individual's life, may be irreversible and there may more rarely be such in the life of a nation--but we ought always to be on our guard against those who tell us so, who whisper in our ear "it's done now, and it can't be undone!" for those are commonly the voices of cowardice or indolence, and sometimes of downright evil intent.

......I have quoted the law to you: the formal legal position as the government has officially affirmed it, but it would be disingenuous to pretend that there is not a higher law according to which no nation can be bound against its will, to the surrender and renunciation of its freedom, independence and sovereign identity. The right to nationhood is one of those rights of which it may be said that "time does not run against it". It is not yet known whether the Scottish nation will decide by a majority to resume the status which they relinquished in 1707, but if they do I would like to hear their reply to those who would tell them that they could not do it because of the Treaty of Union. History is littered, and some of its most glorious pages are adorned, with the instances of nations which reasserted and reclaimed their right to govern themselves and live under their own laws and policies, not after five or ten years of eclipse, but after centuries!
-Enoch Powell, speaking on the EEC in 1976