Trump's Our Guy for the 2016 Election. We Have No Choice.

Since the beginning of the Trump campaign in late June the Alt-Right has battled over what our relationship should be to the Donald. Some were turned off immediately at Trump's connections to (((Jews))) and to (((Israel))) as well as previous statements he's made on race. Others recognized that Trump was a useful vehicle for the Alt-Right to move the Overton Window.

The people that recognized the potential of Trump had the right idea for a few reasons. But before we into that, let me make one thing abundantly clear to both the Trump skeptics and the Trump supporters.

Donald Trump is not one of us. There's no reason to believe he holds our views on race, and as pointed out in the article linked above there's evidence to the contrary. The same is true of his ties to Israel and to Jews within his family and business dealings. It is dangerous for us to project our own feelings on to Trump, and we need to remain clear-headed during this election. We need to be taking advantage of Trump, not allow Trump to take advantage of us.

With that being said, here's why we need to support the Donald.

The first reason to support Trump is fairly obvious, his policy prescriptions and aggressive rhetoric have served to break the ice on ideas that were once taboo. It's no small feat that Trump was able to go after Mexican rapists, discuss a moratorium on all immigration, and promote an end to birthright citizenship while also weathering the (((media))) firestorm that erupted.

When Trump states that, "We wouldn't even be talking about illegal immigration if it wasn't for me." he's not wrong. Outside of the Alt-Right and the shrinking paleocon wing of the GOP most Republicans would have focused instead on the meaningless Culture War social issues and whoever would cut taxes more.

The fact that a Presidential candidate openly talked about the need to ban all Muslims from entering the United States and then stated he would do it when elected is nothing sort of miraculous. As soon as he said it the cuckservatives like Romeny, Ryan, Cheney, etc. punched back stating it was contrary to conservative values. But the voters have shown overwhelmingly in exit poll after exit poll that a vast majority of Republicans support such a policy.

Trump, just in this primary season, has irrevocably changed the GOP. The border wall and an end to H1-B abuses have become litmus tests for Republican candidates seeking office in the future.

Trump has also unknowingly or not done significant damage to the internal GOP coalition that is needed to support (((Israel))) unquestioningly, something that the Jewish paper (((Haaretz))) noted back in early Marchwriting that:

Trump not only diverts the Republican leadership from uniform automatic support for Netanyahu, he is destroying the internal coalition that was the lynchpin of the party’s strong pro-Israel stance. Evangelical support for Trump has already sparked an internal rupture, which has some experts declaring the death of America’s Religious Right. Evangelical leaders and many of their supporters in the media are heartbroken that so many Believers are flocking after the thrice married, dirty-talking reality star. They are less perturbed by his deviation from the strict pro-Israel party line, however, and more by the sinful ways for which he has not asked forgiveness.

If Trump becomes their candidate, the GOP will lose its most hawkish, most neoconservative and most pro-Israel secular elements as well.

The kvetching of (((Israel))) and her (((allies))) in the U.S can be heard across the world as Trump's dominance and success weakens support for (((Israel))). That alone should be reason for the Alt-Right to support Trump.

Equally important though is the changing of the GOP from "compassionate conservatism" to civic nationalism, which will be solidified if Trump wins the nomination and the general election. While it's still far off from the ethno-nationalism based on blood and soil that's ultimately necessary, it's better than the continued globalist reign currently.

The second reason is that Trump's policies are simply better than anyone else that's actually in the running. Trump's immigration policy is outstanding, there's no other way to describe it. It's a stone's throw away from being the dream Alt-Right immigration policy. Proposing a border wall, a moratorium on legal immigration, ending birthright citizenship and also explicitly stating American immigration policy must serve Americans first in the Current Year is nothing short of impressive.

In addition, Trump's repeated rhetoric on NATO being obsolete, cooperation with Russia, and aversion to nation-building adventurism would help the U.S avoid falling into yet another Iraq. It would further help get the U.S out of meddling in the governments of our European brothers as well. That Trump isn't adopting the (((neo-Cohen))) foreign policy of previous administrations is a breath of fresh air.

I won't state that there's no possibility Trump is lying to everyone to gain political power. However, even if he might be lying that's still better than the people that openly say they want to destroy the country via either starting WW3 over Syria with Russia or flooding the country with non-Whites.

The third reason is that Trump offers the opportunity for the Alt-Right to expand quickly. If you're not volunteering on Trump's campaign there are hundreds of White working and middle class voters that you're not able to reach. If you're not running for delegate and precinct committeeman positions as a Trump Republican, you're missing the opportunity to hijack the GOP and put it firmly in the Nationalist camp.

The fact that Trump's name has become the chant of the White student and the rallying cry of the working-class voter is not a coincidence. Trump is actually empowering our people politically, something that we haven't seen in years. We would be foolish to not use this opportunity to reach out to them and let them hear our rhetoric. Especially as the cuckservative establishment has already begun to attack them as NRO'S Kevin Williamson has done.

Simply put, between supporting Trump and not supporting Trump we should support Trump. The potential to continue to use him as a weapon against the left, cover to hijack the GOP establishment, and most importantly, to reach out to our people, is too important. We can do this while also avoiding the excess of projecting onto Trump our own beliefs, and maintain our own positions.

In the 2016 Presidential Election, Donald Trump is our guy. We have no other choice in this election. We might as well use the opportunity Trump has provided to accomplish something constructive while we wait for Hitler.