White Nationalism is a Tactic

The feasibility of White Nationalism has recently come under doubt if not right out attack by some corners of the Alt-Right. The arguments portrayed are certainly sensible and not without merit, specially when dealing with Europe.

How can these nations that have distinct identities and cultures, and that have been at each other's throats since time immemorial come together and form a single Nation or front simply centered on race? The French hate the British, the Poles certainly don't care about Germans, and even if you get past the hostility, the fact remains: No one will give up their national or regional identity and history to form a haphazard alliance based on this race thing issue. Nor is it desirable that they do so.

And it's true. To give up individual European identities and cultures to form some permanent White Entity blob would be a tragic loss.

But I'm here to argue that White Nationalism doesn't have to be what these people argue it would be. White Nationalism doesn't have to be a permanent arrangement of a globalized White race. It doesn't have to permanently destroy and suppress intra-European cultures and identities.

I've previously argued that there are commonalities inherent in all Europeans, to the point that most of us are able to integrate to any other European culture. This integration, I might add, also tends to happen fairly quickly and painlessly relative to non-Whites trying to do it (if that's possible at all). The basic argument is that there are factors that you can use to delineate and separate Whites from other distinct groups, that there is indeed a European or White identity. Ryan Faulk has made similar arguments.

The debate about the existence of a collective White identity is nothing more than a new instance of the typical individualism vs. collectivism or individual vs. society debate. Individualists argue that society doesn't exist, that only individuals do and society is just some sort of aggregation of them. Collectivists will either outright reject any individualism or will simply don't assign any importance to individuals and their needs and desires.

But the truth is that both sides of that issue are wrong. Humans and their cultural expressions are not purely individual or collective. We are a combination of both, we are not ants (even Asians!) nor are we some form of Randian fantasy √úbermensch. Humans are individuals with some capacity to be collectivized and act in a collective manner. Our collective expressions many times take a life of their own and become more than the sum of their parts. Like Society at large. Individuals and Society both exist and both have interests.

So why does this matter? It matters because one thing doesn't negate the other. White Nationalism doesn't have to negate individual ethnic nationalism or identity. White Nationalism is possible as a temporary arrangement. As a tactic.

We are at war. We are being targeted as a whole, because we are White. Other groups have always defined us as "the White man", that is all they see, they couldn't care less about your special unique culture. This is not an individual issue about the fate of France, but not Spain, of Ireland but not Austria. It's all of us together at the same time. Europeans are being targeted as a group. So we MUST respond as a group.

White Nationalism doesn't have to be a permanent arrangement. We don't have to erase Denmark to save Europe, but what good will it do to Denmark if the rest of Europe is lost but only it remains?

Just as in war, individual soldiers are expected to act as part of a collective and not as an individual. It is also better to fight for and with people you care about, to fight alongside your brother instead of your rival. So must we Europeans.

White Nationalism is how we go to war. Once the war is over, and we've won, we can go back to bickering and fighting amongst ourselves.

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