Equalism is Retarded

Any political movement and ideology ought to determine as best it can the laws that govern human nature and tailor its goals and methods accordingly. Contrary to Locke, human beings are not a blank slate, and research into genetics, such as the Minnesota Twin Study, has vindicated the common sense of our ancestors in this regard. It really shouldn't surprise anyone that, firstly, human beings, like every other creature on this planet, tend towards certain attitudes and behaviours, and secondly, that children inherit more from their parents than the shape of their nose.

Without understanding this fundamental truth and taking steps to understand what human beings are, people who can be fairly observant will fall far short of the bullseye when taking aim. For example, many people look at the demands being made by feminists and see not egalitarianism, but simply an attack on men.

Case in point, here's Joe Rogan and Thaddeus Russel (1) discussing "rape culture" and the protections that feminists demand be given to them:

TR: Here's the thing about that; you know, it's like the other message in that is that it's for men to save women.

JR: Right. Exactly.

TR: Excuse me, feminists, feminism, was about women liberating themselves. We can't do it for them. We can not do it for them, right? So talking to men, talking to the serial rapist about how bad they are and how bad this is, what exactly is that going to accomplish A)? and B), it's putting the responsibility on men and it's saying "women must be saved" which is like...

JR: Right.

TR: ...That is the soul of conservatism, right? To say that we must come and save our social inferiors, that is like the essence of old school patriarchy and conservatism! It is to me anti-feminist to the bone, and that's what no one is talking about.

[Later in the conversation]

TR: So one of the things that I try to do is..I try to expose how conservative a lot of the left is, and they don't even realize it. This is really conservative, and they don't even realize it, so it's like micromanaging our sex lives, and it's saying that sex... that the state must come in and protect us from each other and it must...the state must come in, or the college administration, must protect women from sex.

Thaddeus made some very penetrating observations about what feminists are lobbying for, but because he has accepted the egalitarian frame of humanity, his conclusion is simply wrong.

What Thaddeus is describing is something that most on the Alternative Right and in rightist Libertarian circles already know; feminism didn't change the nature of women, it only changed the system that they had previously lived in. Instead of relying on their husbands for financial support for their children and physical protection, they go to the state or to a corporation. Women still want to be protected, and they still want to push on many of the same moral issues. There are no feminists in a house fire, (2) after all. The only difference is that the patriarch has been replaced with welfare and the HR office.

When men see this happening, they tend to react with confusion. "Aren't we equal now?". By refusing to acknowledge what it is that women want from society, we're left with a situation where men are supposed to still uphold many of their traditional obligations to women, but women are not expected to commit themselves to raising a family. The welfare cheque is a husband that doesn't ask for anything in return, no strings attached.

Since they don't accept that men are men and women are women (3), they come to the wrong conclusion. They think that pushing for uniformity between men and women is good and they simply think it hasn't been done right. "I'm not a feminist", they say, "I'm an equalist".

A large section of anti-feminist men and women go by this moniker. They're against many of the feminist shenanigans, but, like all too many on the mainstream right, they accept the premise of feminism. We're all equal and the same, and we're the ones committed to it!

Feminists are the real sexists!

Equalists tend to point out, as Thaddeus did above, that women are gasp still acting like women, as well as complain about how men are expected to step up to the plate. Karen Straughan, a hero among the equalists, once in a group full of feminists told them about how awful the patriarchy and it's expectations were to men as well by telling what towns used to do when they discovered a man was being beaten by his wife.

Instead of arresting or shaming the woman, as would be done to an abusive husband, the town would gather together and head to the man's house and bang pots and pans and call him a faggot.

She holds this up as an example of injustice. Awwwwwwwwww. I suppose they should have set up a support group for him and told him that he had no obligations as a man to be masculine.

Here's why equalism is retarded: men and women are different. Men have creative and destructive abilities that by patriarchy were funneled in a way that built Western civilization. Women, too, can be incredibly destructive and creative, though in very different ways. Patriarchy also put rules on what women could and could not do. Putting different expectations on men and women isn't injustice; it is the bedrock of the family and civilization. No, Susie, you can't divorce your husband and take the one kid you managed to have with him just because he isn't exciting. No, Dave, you can't abandon your children because it isn't fun to take care of the. Being the Pater Familias comes with expectations, as does being a mother, but a people that won't sacrifice for something greater than themselves is in throes of utter hedonism and is doomed.

It's time we rejected equalism and feminism. It's time we rejected the notion that the desires of individual men and women are more important than the interests of the family as a social unit. Men struggle to do what women do, and women struggle to do what men do. When you try to converge them, you get bad men and bad women.

It's time to bring back the patriarchy.

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