A Personal View of Europe's Plight and the Alt-Right

Some things don’t hit you until you realize how close they are. Awhile back I met a Dutch woman online through a mutual friend. We corresponded a bit, and she shared some things about her personal life. As can be expected of those with our views she is proud of her nation and her people, and has a healthy concern regarding the importation of foreign males to the Netherlands. Her concern is for all of the citizens including herself. Frankly speaking she is attractive, and this did not strike me as strange given how often that nation produces women of beauty. After a time I found out in a group setting that she is a virgin. She was not shy about it, and I was glad to learn it given that we shared it in common to us as a rule of our faith.

You may take a moment to mock the grown virgin man if you like.

Although she is quite a bit younger I appreciated her outspoken manner, and I confess that I felt strangely as both a brother and a man when talking with her. Regardless of her age the desire of a man to protect a precious thing was within me. We do not always agree (who does?), but it is to her credit that she does not uproot and re-plant herself like so many women according to the positions of men.

I’m going to take a moment here to shill for alt-right women as much as I can in good conscience. All sorts of women end up being alt-right (or alt-left according to some). There are legitimate complaints to be made. Some are attention-seekers latching onto another space dominated by males so that they can farm beta orbiters. Others are truly sluts seeking to ride the cock carousel. We have married women who come into our big tent after they marry and discover how polluted and evil the world truly is (and that it isn’t getting better soon). It seems to me though that a large part of the problem is that our fellow-traveling women have so many choices that they have trouble deciding. This problem is compounded when they have to defy their cuckservative father with their adopted positions, and it is even worse for those who grew up without a father for various reasons (dad is a degenerate substance abuser, mom is a psycho bitch, etc.). In most cases they have no men to weed out the good males from the bad, and a woman, no matter how superior she is, is not a man. Of course some in the alt-right want the tent to include PUAs, MGTOWs, and other bitter woman-haters so we can hardly be surprised when from time to time they ruin the women with game, but that is our fault for being more concerned with “no enemies on the right”, and we will pay that cost one day. I am 31, and not married. I will leave it to the married men and women (if any of the latter exist yet) of TRS to advise you on how to wrangle a wife. Perhaps they will have non-predatory insights into the workings of the alt-right woman’s mind.

One day my friend was discussing the migrants in her country. It turns out that a camp of them is less than a mile from her house. More than a thousand of them.

An attractive, Dutch, female virgin with whom I am acquainted lives less than a mile from a camp of more than a thousand migrants.

I don’t know, men, if you can understand how that feels without experiencing it. My blood drained away from my skin, and its journey through my body decreased to a glacial pace. My vision dimmed, and it narrowed as though I was looking through binoculars. Time itself slowed until it sped as my heart hardened until it could have quarried the sun. All of the emotions that a man can feel roiled in my heart. I do not know how many breaths I breathed in those millennia. If the passage of time is fixed then I am no man, but some other for my hatred and rage burned throughout the formation and passing away of galaxies. I existed as a soul and a mind throughout all of the cycles of time until again all matter reformed itself in this same configuration with all of the events of history having come out the same way.

When I stepped back into sync with the universe my rage could have burned Sol from existence; however, women do not understand these feelings, and so I only hinted at the depth of my emotion upon learning this. After I told her that I would pray for her safety I left for work. For the next three days I was so enraged that speaking without screaming obscenities was all that I could manage in terms of self-control. It was another week before I could sleep reasonably well. I vowed that if we elected Donald Trump as President of the United States that I would travel to visit my friend so that I might woo her to marriage. I would save her from the males of her country who would sacrifice her womb to the seed of foreign men.

That was foolish of me. I can’t save her. Nederland nationalists will have to find their own way to do so if they can. Those in charge of immigration to the U.S.A. haven’t wanted those of European descent in any meaningful numbers for a long time. Even if Mr. Trump accomplishes everything that he is campaigning for he isn’t going to save America. That is your duty. Marry a member of the opposite sex. Make babies. Stop striving for personal success which will last for only a couple of decades. Even if it lasts a couple of centuries what good will it do? Will Achmed honor your legacy? If ISIS will destroy historical artifacts and architecture older than their religion how long will your statue stand? What does Pablo care for maintaining the infrastructure your grandfather built? Have you seen Mexico, where capitalism doesn’t function at the end of a gun? If Tyrone beats, rapes, and murders women while you are in control what will he do when white men are paying reparations with their necks? Your vainglory is weak. Get in the bedroom.

Part of attracting a spouse is getting fit. Looking good is a nice benefit, and you should do it according to his or her wishes as much as is reasonable, but expecting a man or a woman to commit to you for life while you are unhealthy is unreasonable. Are you so selfish, men, that you will run four kids through your wife and drop dead of a heart attack? In my experience the women are doing much better than we are. Do you really want her to resent having to settle for you? Do you want our women miscegenating because you wouldn’t go to the gym? Do you think that she won’t if her options are bad enough?

Lest I be called a hypocrite I will state here that I myself am in this position. It will take some time to make myself healthy enough to ask a woman to commit to me. Although I know that I can’t save my European sister the desire to do so is related to the desire to secure the existence of our people, and a future for white children. If I cannot save her then I will do what I can to make a spouse for one of her children so that she might be saved through them.