Backstabbing à la Française

White people are forbidden to look after their own interests. Unlike other peoples, those of European descent are constantly shamed for the feats their people have achieved and are taught by their own governments to submit to foreign invaders.

However, nothing shows how deep the treachery and betrayal runs as when a man who has devoted his life to national service is arrested for protesting for preserving his nation's integrity. Yesterday, General Christian Piquemal (age 75) was arrested in Calais, France for participating in a peaceful Pegida protest.

General Piquemal was the Commandant of the French Foreign Legion from 1994 to 1999. The Foreign Legion is a legendary military force and one of the last bastions of true masculinity in Europe. And what was the excuse given by the French government when it came to his arrest? The government states That the State of Emergency declared after the Paris Attacks allows politicians and police to ban any public gatherings that they consider to be a security threat.

There is a petition demanding his release, addressed to the French Government, currently at 7000+ signatures.

It is interesting to note that a small gathering of patriots is considered a larger threat to the security than many thousands of illegals coming from Islamic countries behaving like primitives.

It is even more interesting to consider that the Mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchard, was the one who banned the Pegida demonstration. She is affiliated with the French cuckservative party UMP—Union for a Popular Movement, led by Nicolas Sarkozy.

Let this be a reminder, my American friends: cuckservatives would rather backstab you and ally themselves with cultural Marxists than consider your opinion.

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