Radio Free Skyrim Ep. 9 - Fair and Balanced Auschwitz Tour

We apologize for the glitches in the Skype connection. We edited the worst out.

Joining us:
MrAwesome and Natt from Denmark
Sigfader from Sweden
Pete from Norway
Paracletus from Finland
And special guest all the way from USA: Ghoul

00:00 Intro
01:58 Frog election and the problems with elections
08:16 Nationalist march in Finland (update)
11:42 Finnish AltRighters starts a publishing house
16:50 Paracletus at Auschwitz
26:08 Ghoul joins us. We talk more about Auschwitz.
42:03 The Holocaust narrative doesn't matter
01:12:43 Brazilian fighter gets culturally enriched in Sweden
01:14:13 How rabbis might help us
01:15:50 What country is strongest?
01:21:30 Outro

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