Betrayal à la (((Française)))

The French happening has been postponed. The slow decay and destruction of Monsieur Martel's legacy continues. This past weekend France's Front National (FN) not only cucked hard but they failed to win a single French province thanks to the actions of the (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((French Socialists))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))), who showed that what they truly stand for is more immigration. Nothing else matters. When push comes to shove, that's the only issue they care for. They're willing to fall on their swords to serve (((multiculturalism))).

Just in case you don't know, the French Socialists basically committed suicide dropping out of the second round of this election cycle in order to stop the FN from getting anything.

Let this be a lesson, or rather a reminder, to us all. A party with 40% of the vote has nothing to show for it. Democracy is a sham and doesn't benefit us. Our enemies and our (((enemies))) have no principles. All they care about is the destruction of the West; that is the summation of all they stand for and it has never been more clear. There will be no debate and no reasoning with them; they are traitors who want us dispossessed at best and dead at worst.

Finally, the Happening is not canceled, it just won't come about via the ballot. Don't be pessimistic though—be ready.

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