Donald Trump is Adolf Hitler

Don’t be a fan of Donald Trump. He’s a crypto-Nazi. Don’t believe it? You aren’t looking close enough.

Did you know that Hitler was white? Guess who else is white. That’s right, a racist bigot xenophobe by the name of Donald Trump. Coincidence? Maybe. Probably not.

Did you know who made fun of crippled reporters and called them crypt keeper freaks? Donald Trump did something like that. Hitler also probably did something like that.

One of Hitler’s big platforms when running for president of a democratic country was anti-immigration. He said that Jews were taking all the dangerous jobs (construction, military) from Germans. This was true. Hitler resented the tremendous work ethic of Jews, which can be seen to this day.

Trump is also pushing against immigration, but this time from innocent, high-IQ, noble Mexicans. Coming here to help others, not to rape people and deal drugs as racist statistics would indicate, is what Donald is vehemently against.

There’s no denying that Hitler was a fascist. What does that word mean? We’re not sure, but it’s really bad.

Trump is mean to people, so it’s fair to say that he’s a fascist. Don’t believe it? Have you ever seen Schindler’s List? Do you want Mexicans to be put in cattle cars? Wow, just wow.

Trump makes us feel really bad inside. The Club for Growth and other organizations that seem to be uniformly pro-immigration and exclusively funded by certain people groups don’t seem to like him.

Much like Hitler, Trump seems to have a lot of white people who support him. This is bad. Why? Well, Hitler had a lot of white people who supported him. Enough said.

Did you know that Trump might have had a book of quotes by Hitler or with Hitler quotes or something? Why would he be reading that or even owning it if he wasn’t a Nazi? It just doesn’t add up! Everybody knows, Hitler was pure evil and never had any good ideas or thoughts applicable to politics. Don’t believe it? Educate yourself.

As if all that stuff wasn’t damning enough, did you know that Trump’s father was once in an altercation with the police at a KKK related event? If the KKK isn’t relevant in 2015, what is? Ever heard of Dylan Roof or Eric Dorner? They were probably somehow involved in the KKK or something. If he were alive today, Hitler would probably be in the KKK.

Racist fact after racist fact, racist outburst after racist outburst, Trump is consistently mean to the press and treats them like parasites for some unexplainable reason. Somehow, you dumb white hicks in flyover states that don’t really matter still support him. This is unacceptable.

If we are to continue the winning conservative track record, we need a moderate. Somebody like Rubio. He’s Latino, not white. That’s pretty cool. Carson would also be a good choice. He’s black. That’s also pretty cool. We’ve had enough of racist old white hicks telling the GOP what to do.

It’s 2015, don’t make the mistake of supporting the racist white fascist Nazi bigot KKK meanie.