New Europe Radio Episode 2 - Thanksgiving Slapdash

Last minute podcast!

A long talk about propaganda, followed by a talk about the "Native" (Siberian) American non-genocide.

The "Anti-White" that exists can be understood as a double-standard. This double standard is justified by a theory of history and "the gap" between the races.

This theory of history explains the gap, and the gap in turn is used as evidence that the theory of history is true.

Most people will be receptive to individual hatefacts, but as you pile on more and more hatefacts, you begin to enter the territory of "comprehensive opposition". When this is detected, they will become incredulous that you have a more correct overall worldview than the people in the high tower - a mythical part of universities that nobody has ever seen but imagine exists.

And so propaganda MUST follow this pattern:

  1. Killing "magic science man" and normalizing the ideas of university disciplines not just being wrong here and there, but wrong across entire topics.

  2. Pointing out the racial double standards. This must be done BEFORE revising history or getting into race and IQ, so that your motives are understood. If you don't tell them, they'll fill in the gap by imagining you to be the mythical bigot in their mind.

  3. The grand historical revision on slavery, the native americans, effects of colonialism, school inequality, income inequality, and modern day "white privilege" claims. This is easier because history isn't a scientific field, and is almost exactly the same thing as journalism, which everyone knows is a fake "discipline". History is just journalism that tends to - but not always - focus on the past, and most of the time is just repeating the headlines of the past, NOT doing primary source / archival work.

    There are no "experts" in history overall, just people who know a lot of facts and / or "facts" about various times and places.

  4. Arguing that biological races exist. This is much easier than race and IQ, and showing academics being so stupidly wrong on something so obvious is a good break-in for experts being scientifically wrong and/or deceptive on race. It also helps for race and IQ.

  5. Race and IQ - if you wrecked their theory of history, and they don't have "magic science man" to hope, they will want to know why the gap exists then, if not opreshun. This is it, this breaks the chain. The gap is genetic.

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