New Europe Radio Episode 1 - Ethno-Religion

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Ingroup identity and religion appear to be physically correlated in a specific part of the brain, are activated together in tests that trigger anxiety, and more qualitatively appear to go together in all major worldviews without exception.

What then do we make of "leftists" who claim to not have an ethnic identity? That is the punchline of this first episode!

Magic Magnets

Stuff about anxiety, religiosity and ethnocentrism


"Leftists" more likely to unfriend people over political disagreements:

-- It's almost as if they have an ethno-religion EXCEPT that it's not tempered with the knowledge that they have an ethno-religion

Libruls r dum:

Republicans are more knowledgable about politics:

-- Page 5 in the document. A misconception on this may have to do with polls about fox news viewers being dumb. That may be true. Most republican voters don't watch Fox News regularly.

Republicans understand democrats better than vice-versa:

Global Warming "Deniers" do better on tests about global warming than "believers":

TEA Partiers do better on general science tests:

-- The study's author calls this finding "surprising"

Subliminal Conditioning:

On the Trolley Problem, liberals will kill whitey:

-- "If I were anti-white, I would know it"; survey says NOPE

Exit poll data:

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