Forum Reboot

As you may have noticed the TRS forum suffered a catastrophic failure yesterday. I was able to restore it briefly before the same issue happened again in an hour or so. This prompted my decision to bring the forum down entirely until I could fully diagnose the problem. I was initially concerned that we had suffered a hack or some other kind of malicious infiltration, but after some research I found that this was due to the db simply not being able to handle the load put on it. So the good news is that the problem was not the result of a security breach. This is what I get for using the default in memory db. Eventually this was bound to happen as the community grows.

Now we are presented with a decision. My latest backup of the site is 3 days old. Do I bring that back up, or start from scratch? There are pros and cons to each decision. After deliberations and discussion with other members of our community I have decided to reboot the forums entirely and implement a more stable db configuration. Perhaps this crash was a blessing in disguise.

This decision was made for your security primarily, as migrating the old forum data to a new format in the current year would require sharing it with an outside party, and this is not something I am willing to do.

So I will be consulting with a few other tech specialists in our community tonight and hope to have a new forum up and running with full security and a more robust database installation as soon as possible. This means that all your previous data and cred and everything will be lost. We are starting over from scratch. I am sorry about that, but given the options in front of us I feel that this is the best solution for our community and I doubt we will have a problem filling up the new forum with content very fast. My main goal is to have this space available and reliable for us. I know this will chap butts, but it is ultimately better in the long run.

In the meantime, feel free to go back to using the comment sections for your shitposting needs.

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