Fash Britannia Episode 4: Halloween Conspiracy Bonanza

In this spooky conspiracy special, Cathedral Princess, Welga Sigor, F39, Edmund, Mencken's Ghost and Evil Bastard talk shop about a selection of conspiracies out there, most of them UK-centric. Also includes a follow up of last week's podcast's Christianity theme and a very special intro!

00:00 Intro
03:34 Follow up on Christianity in the UK - Presbyterianism
10:19 Follow up on Millennarianism
17:40 Happy Samhain, Wiccans!
22:46 The MQ


53:12 The 7/7 conspiracy
1:13:46 British Paedogeddon
1:31:55 Dunblane and guns
1:45:10 Nation of Islam
1:58:43 HIV
2:06:07 Princess Diana
2:12:57 Jill Dando


The MQ:


End track is Cthulhu Rises by Dark Asylum Music