The Real Difference Between Christians and Pagans: A Graeco-Roman Perspective

I hate to use such a crude title but I’m searching for a way, before I begin to write about the subject, to sum up the problem and then examine ways to solve it, to illustrate the point of the exercise. I have to put a disclaimer here that, like virtually everybody else, I really don’t care what you believe in your head so long as: 1) what you believe is allowing you to produce demonstrable action IRL (business, relationships, etc.) and, more fundamentally than that, 2) that you’re pro-European and give a shit about the future of our people.

Now let’s begin.

Consider first that the scientifically accurate, but politically incorrect, observations that you and I have made about the world and the people in it are the result of an evolutionary process which utilizes the brain to observe X, experiment with X and eventually reach objective conclusions about X from a group or individual perspective; this is the basic scientific method and this is the way that animals, like us, adapt to circumstances by figuring out what’s happening around them.

For example, in the pogroms against Jews historically you had various populations who couldn’t always express their outrage but who felt the predation of Jewry on an instinctive level and reacted against it in the same way that wolves or fish will organize themselves and act collectively, even though they obviously lack the spoken language (or, in the case of medieval peasants, the advanced language of people like Schopenhauer or Heidegger or Cicero) to articulate it.

Now all of this is a great window into understanding the dynamics of human and animal behaviour, as it follows that if the above is true, which it demonstrably is, then we become personally aware of the fact that, like animals, our subconscious stems from our genetic physiology in ways that we’re barely even conscious of and that it’s the physiology that has the majority share in controlling our ethos—our spoken words and our objective actions on both the group and the individual level.

Demonstrably the Greeks and Romans were aware of this prior to Christianity; gens (the root of the word 'genetics') in Latin translates into the modern vernacular as family/tribe/nation and Greeks expressly understood that a person’s ethos (ethic) was driven by their ethnos (ethnicity) and so on and so forth. If you wonder why I’m focusing only on the Greeks and Romans, it's because we have mountains of written literature left behind from the Roman Empire which have been rendered into the languages we speak today, and we have precious few surviving texts from elsewhere. Although I suspect most peoples were plainly and obviously aware of these points of ethnos and ethos since the concepts are universal. The Hebrews certainly were!

From that point one comes to the conclusion that the foundation supporting the modern Freudian belief of ‘the Self’ is crumbling because its foundation comes from the Judeo-Christian concept of ‘the Soul’ (as in what Hebrews have and the goyim, as mere animals, do not) which, as it’s become to the Christian mind, is little more than a confused utopian concept that relies upon denying the similarities between humans and animals and comes, itself, from self-centered and undeservedly arrogant Judaism to express the difference between Jews and non-Jews.

In other words, it’s a concept devised by barbarians from the biggest shithole of the Roman Empire, Judea, and the differences between intelligence of the populations can easily be understood, first by comparing the Torah or the Old Testament to the Iliad or Caesar's Gallic Wars, and secondly by examining the contribution that both groups left on the history. One built our civilization, from our roads to our language to our philosophy and our science; and the other one essentially appealed to the base nature of the mob of plebs in the Roman Empire and fucked it up. It’s entirely accurate to say that the Christian Revolution in Rome was exactly the same as the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, if not far worse.

Now all of this is vital in understanding the modern world.

Writers and thinkers on the Right have been trying to articulate this for the last couple of hundred years and in the first instance the barriers they faced were liberal Christians who believed that man was equal, and a hundred years later, they face the same arguments which, incredibly, now come from the mouths of liberal atheists which shows that whilst a superficial change has occurred in formal ideology that fundamentally, at the core of the European ethos, the error still remains exactly as it was in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Jack London expressed it best by pointing out that whilst the heart of a White Londoner bled for the Africans on the other side of the world, they didn’t give a shit about the White children down the road from them; it’s all signalling. It’s all status. It’s all animal.

Behaviour, as we already know, is observable; schools of fish and packs of wolves demonstrate group dynamics and when they’re separated from the group they demonstrate individual dynamics in exactly the same way that we do. The only tangible difference between animals and ourselves is that we’ve gradually developed an incredibly intricate system of communication via incredibly intricate speech and the written word and, interestingly enough, it’s this ability that could actually bring people of opposing races together that’s actually been scrapped under multiculturalism because it’s “too white”. Things like literacy, rhetoric, sentence structure, the semicolon, and so on.

In closing, I want to emphasise that all of the above is absolutely vital and that studying and developing upon these things that I’ve only briefly touched upon is the only practical direction that we’re ever going to succeed in; be it understanding and communicating with people to achieve personal, social and financial success or, as many of us deeply desire more than anything else, to achieve political success in the near future.

It’s always about quality over quantity. Those who come to see the value in this shift of perspective will, by virtue of the descent into idiocracy of the modern world, be the only people capable of running anything in the very near future. We’re already dimly aware that our future under multicultural Marxism is going to be a lot like South Africa, so we need to get ready and do everything we can to establish ourselves now so that we’re ready to own that future.

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