Latino Confusion

I am a native Spanish speaker. I'm also White. This shouldn't be confusing but for many it is, for you see, here in the US there's this term "Latino" that lumps me and people like me with brownish people from Latin America. The term "Latino" of course is a load of meaningless crap. Hell, perhaps it's a lot of (((meaningless crap))).

So let's get it out of the way first: Latinos are basically Mexican (and maybe Puerto-Rican) mestizos living in the US. That is fucking it. The word has no connection to "Latin" anything. Nobody thinks of "Latin Europe" or "Latin Africa". Latino means brownish mestizo from Mexico.

Mexicans living in America are a concentrated interest group that in order to appear more important created a term to make it seem as if they are the ambassadors and sole representatives of the Spanish- (and Portuguese-) speaking nations of the continent (and Spain too, because why not). The label "Latino" would summon in the unlearned mind an idea of unity, coalition, even sameness between Spanish speaking nations.

So now, if you say something against Mexicans (or Latinos) you are not offending just Mexicans, but the entirety of the Americas, you racist bigot! When Trump talks about deporting illegal immigrants mostly from Mexico and Central America, he is against everyone that speaks Spanish! This brilliant move also allows the underachieving Mexican mestizo nationals in the United States to appropriate the accomplishments of White colonial Spaniards and tote them as their own to prove they are capable of greatness. All White Argentina wins the World Cup? Orale que viva la raza Latina! Brazilian-born Germanic blond girl becomes the world's hottest super model? Las latinas son las mas chingonas wey! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Here's the thing though: There is no Latin American unity. None. Everybody hates everyone else. The project of a unified Latin America was already envisioned, executed and failed miserably, because of course. Well, I might be exaggerating—there is one thing Spanish speaking people agree on: we generally dislike Mexico and think most Mexicans are annoying.

Mexicans are like the Jews of the Spanish speaking world (except for the fact that, you know, the Jews are the Jews of Spanish speaking world). Seriously. They are incredibly narcissistic, have an absolutely boring national history coupled with a sense of having being historically wronged by everybody, and they are basically parasites of a White society. If you add that to the general bad reputation they give to the rest of Spanish speakers in (ubiquitous) US media, the result is that nobody—except Mexicans—likes Mexicans. Nobody.

Yet, it seems like the "Latino" thing is adopted by many Latin Americans. There is a tragic confusion going on where even White colonial Spaniards identify as Latino or think the term applies to them.

The simple explanation for this is that, while there are Mexicans, there are also (((Mexicans))) and (((Mexican TV))). Latin American national TV channels tend to be quite horrendous and boring, so cable is a big thing there. But cable TV channels are not endogenous to each nation. The big channels like CÑÑ, ESPN Latino, Fox Latino, Telemundo, Univision, etc. are all based out of the United States. That means that anchors, personalities and 'experts' are not representative of the wide audience they reach. They are Latin Americans living in the US, most of them Mexican—'Latinos'.

Spain is exempt from this not only because its national channels are not horrible, but also because its economy and market is much stronger than each individual Latin American country, so they can afford their own Spaniard-centric version of whatever channel. Also, native Spaniards dislike Latin American Spanish. For all these reasons they are immune to at least the version of (((mass media))) that would entice them to think they are somehow "Latinos".

So please, if you know a White Spanish colonial (a White Latin American) that thinks he is Latino, explain what I just explained to you. Save them from their confusion. Their countries were created by White Spaniards and gained independence from Spain because of White Spaniards who they descend from. It's a tragedy that the term they think identifies them refers to underachieving poor mestizos.

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