Dumb Strategies: Why Leftist Rags Will Never Get Rid Of Rightist Trolls

Last month at the height of the cuckservative campaign, the folks at the leftist webzine Wonkette did a piece on right-wing trolls. In particular detail, they mentioned TRS including the ones fighting the good fight, (special thanks to Meow Blitz, Lawrence Murray and Simon Eliot). It's really not worth wasting time over the article itself since it pretty much went with the typical leftist line of going through the ordeal and saying "ah hah, you are meanie racists and we're gonna ban you". For a while I just scoffed at this, but then I realized I couldn't pass this up.

For the side of the political spectrum who often tout themselves as "modern" and "open minded", they sure have more of the mind-numbingly obliviousness, predictability in arguments and lack of strategy than the Bush 43 era mainstream rightie. For Wonkette doesn't get the art of trolling, let alone, trolling to promote "bad ideas". That’s because "bad ideas" is really not Wonkette's or the left's interest to promote, but to avoid.

The goal of altright trolling is to make a point and force a conversation. Lulz and messing things up like other trolls is fun, but altright trolls want more than that. Wonkette and other leftist sites, despite the leftist claims of supporting free speech and open debate, really want echo chambers and safe spaces. Most on the right knows this but many don't know how to confront this fact. The left claims to be the champions for the voices of the "marginalized" (aka non-whites and degenerates). Therefore they are obligated to silence at an increasingly alarming rate the voices of whites and those whites to want the race to survive.

This is why right-wing trolling is so important. It's not only starting the debate, but taking the debate into enemy territory. We know many on the left will ignore and oppose the points the altright brings up at face value, no matter how factual. But the exposure alone will cause a neutral observer or a leftist with a brain consider the points and open to the altright, even convert. Dialog is crucial towards considering a different viewpoint, no matter how "extreme". Which is why TRS is mostly an open forum and leftist sites are bubbles and "anti-hate" groups want internet censorship. That’s because if one is exposed to the "hatefacts", they might be a "bigot" and being "tolerant" is more important than having common sense.

It also has aspect of action. Instead of fiddling thumbs and waiting for something to happen, altright trolls are doing things. From /pol/ to #Cuckservative/#NRPRevolt to parody songs to the simple edgelord comment, altright show that even in difficult circumstances, they want action. They might be anons but they have a message to give no matter how "out of line" on think it is.
Lastly, if nothing else, altright trolls are just fed up with leftist screeds. The Overton window is real and the more leftists are allowed the soapbox, the more leftist ideas are accepted and the more the right have to accept them to "survive" only to slow it's death. Altright trolls say "lets reverse this". No more declines, no more retreats. The right will have some victories for once.

Take this article as an open letter and encouragement to the altright. Don't let threats of "deleted comments" and leftist safe spaces stop you. Left-wing hegemony is horrible and letting them run the debate will mean the end of the right and the end of white identity. Troll is the weapon that the right has that leftist can't take. The internet is a problem for leftist echo chambers but don't know how to stop it. Therefore it gives us the best opportunity to change things. So onward digital warriors, a better future awaits.

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