Immigration Procedures Part 2: Electric Trumpaloo

I've owed you this piece ever since I published my first one here at TRS. A lot has habbened since I wrote that. If I'm not mistaken the Worst Week Ever happened right after it, then we had the rise of Donald Trump Holy White America Emperor, #cuckservative, Europe/Germany deciding that their brand of AIDS was too slow and drinking some more Islamic Kool-Aid to help things out, etc. Lots of triggering crap. But enough with my excuses. Let's get on with things.

Trump (PBUH) has dragged the Overton Window on immigration (and White Identity) to the right by the sheer power of being worth billions and not giving a fuck what you think, so let's give some talking points to help further his cause.

Immigration Part 1 Review

If you recall last time, I actually defended the US immigration system. It's tough and many of its regulations are rational. Problem is that it is tough on everybody equally. This makes it harder than necessary to get White people moving in here. Europeans are relatively rich, so all the trouble of coming here legally seems wasteful. The legal route appeals to people that will acquire a considerable upgrade to their standard of living by coming here and that can't do so by simply crossing the border and doing it illegally (which is hands down the best and fastest way!). So the legal system by being "colorblind" and tough assures the lack of Europeans and an abundance of Asians.

Legal Dildo Lottery

Now for the triggering. The US is so concerned with diversity that they have a "Diversity Lottery Visa" every year, where the government simply gives away free green cards to 55.000 people from "diverse" backgrounds. Minimum qualifications are a High School diploma That means we get a lot of Africans with African High School diplomas.

Illegals have it great

Don't for a second believe any of the sob stories of how hard it is being an illegal in the US. It's the easiest fucking thing in the World. You get free food, cash, free healthcare, free public education and even in-district tuition (I'm a legal chump so I pay 3 times that amount because I'm dumb). You don't even need to speak basic English because all the forms at your local welfare office are in Spanish (soon to also be in Mayan or Aztec or Tequila or something). They have translators that can help you fill them out and because of some "equal opportunity" clause thing saying they are not allowed to discriminate on any basis you get to easily navigate the bureaucracy. You don't need a SSN, they simply don't check anything and grant you your welfare.

Anecdote time: I personally know of a couple staying here legally that went to the WIC office to see if they could rent-seek when they found out she was pregnant. They were told by the WIC cat lady that they couldn't do anything for them because they were here legally and so the government could easily trace it back to them. She told them that had they "crawled under the fence" to come here then sure, they would be getting WIC and Medicaid and EBT and I don't know what else. Cool story, right?

Next time some idiot tells you that illegals can't get welfare because they don't have a SSN, tell them that WIC story and what the cat lady said.

Illegals Are Not Patriots

I want to conclude by stating that most immigrants today but specially illegals don't give a crap about the US. The US is an ATM to them, if it dries up they will move to greener pastures. It's not that they hate the country (though Muslims for sure) it's that they don't understand it and are simple mercenaries. Even the ones that join the military, they do it because it offers great perks to them. It's not them serving the country it's the country serving them.

Fuck you, illegals.

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