The Tyranny of Preferences

Lately there's been a disturbance in the dildosphere over the hatefact that subjective preferences are a thing. Apparently the poopdick community is actually engaging in a form of "sexual racism" in which nigger faggots and queer beaners are actively discriminated against by other fairies who refuse to poz their neg-holes. (Is "nig-hole" a pun too far?)

Naturally, pearls are being clutched by a feminist Jew over the disparate impact of racial preferences on ass-fucking, as recent research by cutting-edge cultural Marxists has determined that being sexually and romantically attracted to members of a certain race is basically Nazism. (Note: This does not apply to Jewish ethnocentricism, you anti-Semitic bad goyim.) Effectively the research is trying to imply that strong racial preferences on dating likely correlates to racism in general. At this point, members of the class who haven't been sleeping in the back row might have a few questions.

Isn't "racism" just racial preferences anyway, and if so, what's wrong with having them?

I, as a huwhyte shitlord, prefer big white female ass to hairy black male ass. We could examine and deconstruct why I find nappy black pubes repulsive and how I came to prefer thick white pussy over dirty black asshole (probably because of some unfalsifiable bullshit about living in a white heteropatriarchal society that marginalizes black and brown bodies), but at the end of the day, it would be like trying to figure out why I hate unsweet tea and just as useless an exercise. Why does it matter? I'm not gonna drink that revolting Yankee beverage and I'm not gonna McStabb a nig-hole either. So why the fuss from the social justice warriors?

It really boils down to the unconscious, knavish stupidity of the left and their tendency to import half-digested Christian and Western moral values through some degenerate form of cultural osmosis. In this case, the dildos are subconsciously implying you have a positive moral duty to give nigger faggots sexual attention and failing to poz that nig-hole is literally denying them a natural human right. Being uneducated, ignorant cretins, lefties and SJWs likely aren't even aware of the philosophical ramifications here, but suffice it to say that implying people owe you sexual attention is a really extreme and untenable position to hold.

These are the great human rights violations of our time.

We would never tell an attractive woman she owes a fat white basement-dwelling libertarian some pussy, but God forbid a chink on Grindr refuse to go oil-drilling. I really don't feel this constitutes any sort of consistent moral framework and if you raised such objections most liberal dildos are going to post-hoc rationalize some bullshit about how white males have a monopoly on sex anyway. They don't think this shit through; their warped, broken minds are impulsively making it up as they go along. Essentially it's just a twisted, degenerate perversion of natural rights theory applied to deviant sexual activity, so expect them to be hypocritically selective about who it applies to.

As usual, the infantile slave-moralist untermenschen of the left are once again offended people have preferences they don't approve of, and they're gonna call you a mean racist because their tiny minds assume this is the best way to shame society towards "progress" and an equal living ass-fucking for everyone. Obviously the fact that, yet again, huwhytes are the most desirable race chaps their pasty cellulite pock-marked butts, and the idea people can differentiate between "good" and "shitty" truly rustles the jimmies of society's most worthless and undesirable members.

After all, if people have the freedom to choose not to have sex with niggers, doesn't this mean they might also have the freedom to ridicule and ostracize cultural Marxist social justice warriors? On a side note, perhaps we can all have some laughs that now, even being gay isn't good enough; you have to be in a biracial fag relationship or it doesn't count and you're still a damn racist.

Remember, folks, it's okay to just like what you like, but sex with niggers is never acceptable.