Announcing the TRS Forum

Some of you may have been playing around for the last few days with the basic bitch disqus forums that I created. It was fun, but alas they did not and could not provide all the functionality expected of a full featured user forum. So I have created a new forum using the NodeBB system over at It's still in its infancy and I expect to add more features and stuff, but I think most people just want a place to post and chat. You should be able to use your Disqus account for registration, but I just wrote that functionality tonight so if it fucks up just create an account the old fashioned way and then bitch me out in a post.

I'll keep the old forums up for a while for shits n' giggles, but I think that people will like the new forum better. But who knows. If this fails, no big whoop.

Enjoy shitposting TRS fangoys.

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Hey bro, that's racist.