The Path to Pragmatic Alt-Right Immigration Reform

Immigration, both legal and illegal, present the greatest threat to the preservation of American society and the White majority on which this society is predicated. For too long, we have ceded the moral high-ground to the Left on this important issue. The failed leadership of the cuckservatives has directly led to the precarious situation America now finds itself in; the stance of the Right has been one of reaction. We have always been at least one step behind due to our lack of planning. As such, it is time to formulate concrete goals which we can comprehensibly work towards.

The Left has, in large part, played their hand masterfully. There is no point in denying this. By framing illegal immigration and demographic displacement as a "human rights issue," they established themselves in a position of moral authority. The irony, of course, is that human rights do not actually exist in the absence of force (i.e., the government), and we have the ability to affect policy changes which significantly curtail these "rights." The Left has succeeded incrementally. Think of it like a sex game...the Left has always intended to penetrate us, to humiliate us. They have promised "just the tip," but have always tried to ram all 15 inches of their dragon dildo into our rectums. When we protested vehemently, we got 12 inches instead. Either way, we lose.

It is time to learn this lesson, and to return the favor to the followers of Dildolech. We must demand the sun and stars, and then if we are forced to settle for the moon, we will still have achieved a great victory which we can then build upon. Without further delay, I present to you a comprehensive set of policy changes which will begin to de-incentivize demographic displacement. Policy changes are listed in no particular order, but they all work together to help us reach our goals.

Repeal the 1965 Immigration Act

The Hart-Celler Act has been immensely damaging to this nation. Prior to 1965, America used a quota system based on nation of origin. Of course, this means Europe got preference. After this law took effect, the focus was shifted. Quotas were abolished, and the focus became reuniting families and attracting skilled workers. Over time, this has become a one-sided affair, thanks to the efforts of America's liberals. It is now almost entirely about family reunification...this logic has been warped and extended to the point that we now have destructive policies like DACA and Obama's executive amnesty, which seek to reunite the families of illegal immigrants here in America as well as legal immigrant families. In addition, the favored nations shifted from Europe to Central America and Asia, among others.

There is wide-spread agreement that America's legal immigration system is broken. The important point here is that the 1965 Act is the entire basis for the system. If we truly want to "fix" immigration, we must start with the foundation of it and repeal this law.

Dealing with anchor babies

Here is a fun fact that no one ever talks about: the entire basis for allowing anchor babies to automatically become U.S. citizens is a footnote in the 1982 Supreme Court decision Plyler v. Doe. There is no law in effect. Here is the actual text of Section 1 of the 14th Amendment:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

As we all know, the Left loves to exploit this section of the 14th Amendment. However, pay particular attention to the words "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" [emphasis added]. The method of naturalization is not specified; it is left up to Congress to determine. Furthermore, the children of illegal immigrants are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States. They are not of legal age of consent, and are therefore wards of their parents, who are not beholden to the United States since they are not legal citizens.

In short, Congress can and should pass a simple law clarifying this fact and retroactively revoking the citizenship of all "anchor babies."

Restriction of welfare and aid to citizens

The most subtle and effective methods for curbing illegal immigration are rooted in our ability to make it undesirable to come here. As such, Congress should pass a law which will specifically forbid the provision of social services to any illegal immigrant. Illegal immigrants who attempt to use social services should be arrested and deported. Illegal immigrants who seek medical assistance should also be arrested and deported after aid is rendered. We are not monsters. Aid should always be rendered, but that does not obligate us to allow them to continue living here illegally.

A small but significant step towards discouraging attempts to get social services is to require that all public documents be in English.

Citizenship verification and employment

Let's be honest: illegals are prime targets for exploitation. This is the future they chose by coming here illegally, but the important point is that we don't want them here. As such, we need to cut off their access to employment. We should federally mandate documentation of citizenship. Any firms that attempt to hire such workers should be forced to shut down. When the potential consequences of hiring illegals outweigh the benefits, employers will not give them jobs for fear of losing their own.

Border Security

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the border must be secured. In a perfect, LARP-y world, I would favor mining the border, but this would be a tough sell. In the meantime, a massive fence will do. Think of it as a federally funded jobs program.

The power of the purse

Money. It's the lever that moves the world. States, cities, and municipalities have all become dependent on the Federal teat. We should advocate policies that will let us use this advantage. Congress should cut the funding (highway, HUD, and others) to both Sanctuary cities and States who refuse to validate legal residency or enforce any of the above policies that go into effect.

Stopping the bleeding

Remember: there is bipartisan agreement that the immigration system is broken. Now is the time to put a generational moratorium of 25 years on legal immigration (illegal immigration must be handled by the other means I have listed). This can easily be billed as merely a delay while we work current immigrants through the system and then reform and streamline the process. We can also pitch it as an "assimilation delay," meant to encourage legal immigrants to acclimate to American culture. The end result is the same, and it gives us an opportunity to rewrite the system in the wake of the repeal of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act.

A faux amnesty

Here is where I possibly make some enemies, but this is where the logic leads. Logistically, it is nigh impossible to physically remove every illegal alien from U.S. soil. If it was possible, I would support such a move. I just don't see how it is possible or feasible. All of the above methods I have outlined will work to encourage illegals to leave. This assumes, of course, that they are smart enough to see the writing on the wall and that they possess the agency to make such decisions. This is not a safe bet. We must have some way of dealing with those illegals who insist on staying no matter what.

Liberals are betting that if they can play the "human rights" gambit well, they can pressure America to grant amnesty and a "path to citizenship." Of course, with citizenship comes the right to vote. I categorically reject the notion that people who have a fundamental disrespect for our rule of law (by coming or staying here illegally) are in any way deserving of citizenship, regardless of their nation of origin. These people want the privileges of citizenship without accepting the responsibilities of citizenship. They are worthy of neither.

Not all the illegals will leave, no matter how difficult we make their existence here. Therefore, I propose a faux amnesty to short-circuit the liberal attempts to bestow citizenship. Congress should pass a law which grants permanent work visas to illegals on a voluntary basis. The condition of such a work visa would be that anyone receiving such a visa would forever and irrevocably waive their chance to pursue citizenship. They gain the responsibility to pay federal income taxes, though I would be open to FICA exemptions if they waive their ability to collect social services (welfare) as well.

Is this perfect? Absolutely not, but it is pragmatic. Remember: if they never achieve citizenship, they can never vote, and voting is what the liberals are counting on in order to shore up their hegemony. This law would apply to ALL illegal immigrants who wish to be issued a work visa. Children would be exempted only until the age of 18, at which time they must make their choice: deportation or waiving of citizenship. Plyler v. Doe already guaranteed the children of illegal immigrants the right to public education, so there is no additional loss to us in that respect.

Tying it all together

Any of the above methods would be a step towards truly meaningful immigration reform, but the key is to push for all of these policies. Surely, not all of them will be adopted, and some may be modified. In the end, however, enough of them would survive to seriously disrupt the Leftist attempts at changing our demographics and electorate. I don't have any illusions about this being an easy fix, and neither should you. The best we can do right now is to play the Left's game better than them. Incrementalism is still a victory, and any disruption to the Dildolech Agenda can ultimately be counted as a win.

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