So You Are Becoming a Low Trust Society…

If you’re a TRS reader you are no stranger to the ideas of diversity causing loss of social capital making people less trusting of their neighbors and in turn being less engaged in their communities. You probably also know that the United States will gradually become less trusting and eventually turn into a country like Brazil. But all of that sounds a bit abstract, if you’ve never actually lived in an actual low trust society (and lower trust does not mean low trust) then you probably think this all means gated communities.

Not so my friend, low trust is more perverse and pervasive. In this article I will compile some of the things to expect so you can all prepare for the not-happening.

Gated communities and beyond
Expect society to slowly regress into a sort of feudal order. You have your castles and walled villages where you feel safe, yes. But the problem with this is not that there are some neighborhoods that are safe and some that aren’t, we have that to an extent already. No, the issue is that like in feudal times the very roads you take from one place to another become dangerous. This will be a huge problem in cities in particular. Traffic will make everyone a sitting duck for criminals on bikes. Picture yourself sitting in traffic when suddenly you hear someone knocking on your window; it’s some dude with a gun telling you to give him your niggertech, he takes it and simply speeds away through the lanes while you sit there. People will start freaking out during red lights, so expect traffic lights to start being taken as mere suggestions.

For your consideration:

Banks are Hell
It’s a good thing we don’t go to the bank a lot these days, because banks are about to become a pain in the ass. Expect metal detectors and guards patting you down before letting you enter. Once inside most likely you will have cell phone bans. Why, you ask? Simple: You might have some accomplices outside waiting for your signal to rob some poor sap that withdrew cash, most likely an old person; they don’t really use online banking. If you cash a check or make a withdrawal expect lots of documents to fill and have your picture and finger prints taken. If you want to open an account you’ll have to bring notarized documents proving you are who you are and your income is your income. Which brings me to my next two points.

National IDs
This isn’t really a big deal, but libertarians will be so rustled (LOL) that it will be unbearable. Sigh.

Bureaucracy run amok
Bureaucracy will of course increase; if you want to do anything you’ll need all sorts of documents, proving that you are you. All of this will require notaries public, maybe certification by your State that the notary is actually a notary and maybe the Federal government will have to…you get the point. Special new document certification procedures will emerge and requirement redundancy will surely increase. Basically expect everything to become like the government. Oh, you thought I was talking about the government? LOL nope. The government will of course get even worse, but slow dragging decay of transactions will trickle down to all sectors of life.

You see, the thing about bureaucrats –especially if those positions are filled by LaShawndas and Shaniquas- is that they don’t like working and they pass their transactional and ‘verification’ costs to the next one in the chain. So even though the Feds have your national ID stored and could verify stuff themselves, they will pass the verification cost to a verification agency that will do the same to the actual businesses that need to comply with it and the businesses will lastly pass the ball to you. So you are the one that has to produce a folder of evidence in your favor.

Littering and filth
Quick question: What do people care about more; things they own or things they don’t? Trick question. Now picture a society where nobody feels they own it. Picture a city where you don’t have citizens but merely residents. It’s true, that city might not be so bad if you were thinking the residents were Anglo-Saxons. Anglo-Saxons have very strong sense of property rights, so they might respect things that are not their own, while not necessarily caring about them. Europeans in general have that too, but Anglo-Saxons are the ones that have it most ingrained and developed. Remove Anglo-Saxon dominance and you get a dumpster. You get a bunch of people that don’t feel they own anything except their private possessions and don’t care about public stuff. There is no commons, so there will be lots of trash because nobody gives a fuck about anything.

People on the street become uglier
This is a weird one, but ugly people will be more prevalent in the streets. The underclass is now a bigger chunk of society and the upper beautiful White Master Race is living closed off in their gated communities/castle where they are safe. So the space left in the streets will now be filled by ugly people. Trust me, it’s annoying going out into the street and being confronted with a bunch of toothless mud people with poor hygiene.

WATCH THIS MOVIE RIGHT NOW! It's a perfect visual representation of a low trust society like Brazil, but it's also pretty TRS. Seriously, watch it.

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