Patriotards and their Cargo Cult

Remember the good old days?

This Fourth of July, Radix Journal published a brief article on "patriotards," that peculiar breed of Americans who remain loyal to a country whose government actively works to disposess them. For these heartlanders 'Murica is the same country of their forefathers, a land of opportunities, democracy, freedumbs, and White people. That country is certainly unrecognizable to anyone today born after 1980 or so; it is something that only exists on paper. We have no real recollection of it having ever existed. Patriotards on the other hand, are either older Americans or were raised by patriotard parents, not noticing the continuity problems between 'Murica and the United States of America. They often think their Anglo-American identity and experience can be universalized to the whole "nation of immigrants," the majority of whom are no longer from Europe. Some of the more conservative patriotards might oppose immigration as a statement of policy, but are either inarticulate about it or overestimate how loyal their Republican candidates are to the white base. That's another quirk of the patriotard; he is steadfastly loyal to the Republican party, despite that party's aggressive signaling of anti-racism via ineffective pandering to minorities, plutocratic leanings, flirtations with globalism, and general disregard for "national interest." [When was the last time bombing Muslims for Zion made the United States a safer and better place or improved our position geopolitically?]

It should come as no surprise that patriotards are predominantly red country Southerners and Midwesterners. These people are White and conservative and supply a disproportionately high amount of this country's soldiers. And so, I am sympathetic to the identity of the patriotard; he is both kinsman and countryman. But for him we are only the latter, he doesn't have a fully developed racial consciousness. He thinks a civic nationalist Republican president will beat a Democrat and somehow salvage this country. In other words, despite the transformation of Washington into one of the world's premier anti-white institutions, responsible for affirmative action, 'civil rights' legislation, and open immigration, among other things, the patriotard believes that this is somehow still his country rather than a vast wealth-transfer apparatus for non-Whites.

Patriotards are loyal to a system that really is not theirs any longer in any meaningful way. American patriotism, being an implicitly white but civic nationalism, is utterly misguided but to be expected; why wouldn't you be loyal to the institutions erected by your forebears? Therein lies the ultimate problem with patriotards; they haven't fully thought things through. If the "United States" has become an anti-white power, then for Whites to be loyal to it is to participate in a cargo cult. You can go vote and wave the flag and talk about the Constitution and serve in the military but none of these things will change the anti-white ideology of Washington, DC or bring back "your country."

So what would a country worth my patriotism look like? It could start here.

Also published at Atlantic Centurion.

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