More Than A Mere Shitpost

[Commenter "Shit poster" left this lengthy piece in a thread the other day. Sir Gregory Johnson sent it to me and stated it was worth putting on the blog. So here's the latest bit of crowdsourced democratic fashizm:]

Hi Greg. Thanks for maintaining your awesome website. I would like to start off my post with a trigger warning. This will not be a shit post. I'm going to be serious for right now as I feel like TRS is an ingroup where I can freely discuss my ideas without being judged too harshly. Warning this will be a long post. That being said I agree with pretty much everything you say.

However as a White Southron from a basic bitch cuckservative background I do have a few minor issues with your assertion that White Nationalism is an ideology of peace. There are a few glitches in the technology that have always made me hesitate to go full Nazi. If anything perhaps my feedback can help give you new ideas to market your memetic technologies. The basic bitch cuckservative crowd is a large and untapped market ripe for radicalization.

First off I would like to share my journey to TRS, meme warfare, and my shocking discovery of my identity as a European American. Specifically my history and heritage as a Southron. I became familiar with TRS through Morrakiu's YouTube channel. I've been a long time fan of his cutting edge investigative style of journalism that you just can't find in the mainstream media. I've been a long time fan ever since, well I guess ever since the Zimmerman incident. Thank God I found his work or I might have ended up like Roof. I thought it was some of the funniest shit I've heard in a long time and it really helped me through my blue pill detox without relapsing. After that I became acquainted with the work of Bulbasaur and that's how I found TRS and the Daily Shoah. In my humble opinion this show is the forerunner of great things to come. It's unique and I've never listened to anything like it before.

To make a long story short I've started to notice fear in the shitlibs and like any hungry predator I'm here to take a bite out of their disintegrating constructs in order to sustain my own. When it comes to creating a new society I will leave that to more educated men such as yourself. I'm an agent of chaos like Heath Ledger in Batman. I won't lie to you and say I really care about saving "America" or "Whiteness" and I'll explain to you why. My interest is in unraveling American society because from my point of view anything would be better than this. Mad Max would be much better for me because my value and status would be based purely on my ability to fight, network with other men, and my leadership. Qualities that are not valued in today's society but are actually red flagged as a potential threat to the existing order.

Now you claim that White Nationalism is an ideology of peace but it's my contention that WN already had their chance and failed miserably with the founding of the United States. As a student of history you know that the U.S. was founded for all free White Men based on the proposition that we are all equal and share similar interests as White Men. This is something I disagree with. From my point of view WN is just another mutation of multiculturalism and if you want evidence then simply look at the history of the United States. I will take living with negroes over being slaughtered by morally righteous yanks any day. Once the constitution was ratified the civil war was inevitable from that point forward. The constitution created the federal government and there was no other possible outcome other than war for supremacy between the two dominant economic blocs in the Union.

Although I disagree with a lot of things he says my stance is the same as Hunter Wallace from Occidental Dissent. The White race really is a social construct, slavery would have been abolished due to the industrial revolution anyway, and the fact that Jews exist is not an excuse for what the Yankees did killing hundreds of thousands of White people based on the notion that they are morally superior because they love Negros so much. To this very day I still see a lot of Yankee WNs blaming Southrons for the Negro problem and I can't even fathom the level of retardation it takes to believe something like this. It's not as if the blacks had the ability to free themselves and give themselves full citizenship. That was done by the Yanks and they should own it. It's like what Horus the Avenger said about Muslims attacking Jews in Europe. Why treat the symptom if the root cause goes untouched? The root cause being in my humble opinion the puritan heresy of other worship that's so popular among the American Yankee Negro lover. White women are being subjected to an epidemic of rape by Negroes you say? That's unfortunate but we told you this would happen.

I'm a colonial European and in order for me to be American I must share my identity with foreigners who are fresh off the boat. That's not appealing to me but neither is WN. According to Whiteness theory to be "White" under some hypothetical WN regime I would be obliged to identify with nigger loving Yankees who's ancestors raped my ancestors, then burned down our homes, looted our valuables, and then to add insult to injury placed their Negro allies above us as overseers in order to secure their hegemony over North America. I'm sorry but until they admit their wrongs and beg for forgiveness I see no reason to lift a finger to defend "Americans" from the rampaging negro hordes. It's not really my responsibility anyway and I believe it's good for them to get a tiny taste of what we have dealt with for centuries. Perhaps if enough people are raped and killed they will get off their Yankee Doodle high horse, stop caressing negro testicles and fellating our former slaves for just a moment long enough to reflect on their own flawed character. The fact is they think of themselves as superior to us provincial White Trash. It's psychological projection.

So the question is WHY? Why should I participate in creating some kind of new White identity when I already have one albeit suppressed and subjugated by the negro loving Yankee tyranny? I'm not even racist. I don't blame blacks for their actions because as far as I'm concerned the responsible parties have never even acknowledged their mistakes. I would have no problem showing them how to deal with the blacks if they would simply get on their collective knees, prostrate themselves, beg for forgiveness, admit they pioneered negro worship, and proclaim that we Southrons were right all along.

I heard that America has a negro problem. Well that's quite unfortunate but I'm almost positive my ancestors warned them about this outcome. If they were serious about being White Men they should take a subordinate role and defer leadership to Southrons as this is nothing new to us.

Anyways I hope this post isn't that offensive to anyone in the TRS community who happens to be from the North. Anyone who believes in TRS is ok in my book. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Sincerly yours,

Shit Poster

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