Social Media: Judge, Jury and Executioner

As a recap of the recent McKinney Pool Fiasco, basically a mob of “teens” invaded this private pool and started harassing the residents of this subdivision. Fights started breaking out so the police were called in to manage this. A couple of videos have come out showing a fight between two white women and a couple of black teenagers. The video did not show who started the fight. However, mainstream media has unanimously agreed that the white people are racist, therefore it doesn't matter what criminal activities the blacks were engaging in before they got arrested.

As a result of this Pool Fiasco, three white people have been fired: the officer who arrested a trespasser, one white woman who had a physical altercation with the black teen and the principle of a high school who made the mistake of voicing his honest opinion about the affair on social media. Well, if you didn't already think free speech is over in America, it really is, for us anyway. You better sock-puppet up; it’s going to be a long ride.

“He did nothing wrong,” [the principle] wrote in a comment that showed his Facebook picture, name, school and title. “He was afraid for his life. I commend him for his actions.” – White Bigot

This fiasco clearly illustrates that SJWs are not interested in any legal proceedings or rational evaluation of evidence. They are only out for a good witch-hunting of any white person who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. God forbid you if you develop a different opinion watching the video of the dozens of “teens” screaming at the highly outnumbered officers. God forbid if you realize that it is more likely the white female resident in a fight with the trespasser probably did not start this fight. Gee, I wonder how the average liberal would react if a couple dozen “teens” showed up in their backyard and started blasting music and smoking drugs. If I were a cop today, I would just patrol white neighbourhoods and nothing else. After the Baltimore riots, cops stopped working as much and arrested fewer criminals. As a result, violent crime and homicide shot up dramatically.

How cops are actually starting to feel about DINDU neighborhoods.

For the SJWs, social media is their main medium of moral signalling. They are no longer interested in winning in any legal battle because that would actually require objective evidence. They have found petty and underhanded methods to destroy their opponents or anyone who makes the mistake of disagreeing with the mainstream narrative. The “teens” came back to that neighbourhood the week after the pool incident and vandalized and robbed the community. If there was any doubt whatsoever, that these people were thugs, that doubt should be gone from any sane and rational person’s mind. Mainstream media did not report on this, of course, because that would not fit into their DINDU narrative.

Make a false rape allegation? NO PROBLEM, use social media to gather an army of sycophants. Make a false rape allegation? Get awarded school credit and invited to the State of the Union.

SJWs currently dominate the social media realm, they greatly outnumber us, but we are growing in number. The more rabid they become, the more upstanding citizens they persecute online and offline, the more they add to our number. SJWs have used social media as their weapon; as judge, jury and executioner, but we have become an anonymous force, acting outside their control.