Projecting Agency

The source of the modern progressive establishment's power has been fairly well documented by Dr. Kevin MacDonald. Dr. MacDonald has written on the two most important groups in this establishment, namely whites and Jews, and their reasons for being involved in progressive politics. Regular TRS readers will be familiar with Dr. MacDonald's explanations for each group, but as this article is going to focus on the non-bagel side of the dildo, we'll reiterate the reason white people go prog.

Europeans, particularly those in the far north, evolved in very cold climates and lived as hunter gatherers. The clannish ways of those in warmer climates was not conducive to survival, and so more accepting and trusting people who could cooperate with others and expand their ingroup were able to pass on their genes to the next generation by having kids and not dying because they would only work with first cousins.

The modern progressive mindset is rooted in this evolved psychology. The modern progressive is incredibly reluctant to put others into an outgroup. The end result of all this is that SWPLs are wishing and striving for the betterment of non-whites, often at great personal expense.

While this explains cat lady support for GMD cards (gibs me dat), it doesn't explain why so many progressive policies actually harm minorities significantly. One only has to look to South Africa pre-apartheid and post-apartheid, or to Haiti after killing the Frenchmen present to see that progressive politics can hurt the people they're meant to help.

Furthermore, oven middle class whites have always been sentimental faggots. The rhetoric behind the colonisation of Africa took the form of Kipling's White Man's Burden, which Kipling described like this: "To seek another's profit, and work another's gain." How the fuck did white altruism go from Sir Henry Morton Stanley to Pajama boy?

Sir Henry Morton Stanly, 1872

The answer? White people switched from imposing their agency on non-whites, forcing them to be free as Greg Johnson has said, to projecting their agency onto others. Liberalism, classical and modern alike, is the story of wealthy white people projecting their agency onto those who have none.

Back in the 1800's, Thomas Carlyle, in a pamphlet designed to rustle jimmies with the title "Occasional Discourse on the Nigger Question", had something of a debate with people who would now be identified as libertarians. Carlyle mocked the Liberals for projecting their agency onto Africans, and instead called for Europeans to impose agency upon them.

"Quashee, if he will not help in bringing out the spices, will get himself made a slave again (which state will be a little less ugly than his present one), and with beneficient whip, since other methods avail not, will be compelled to work. Or, alas, let him look across to Hayti, and trace a far sterner prophecy! Let him, by his ugliness, idleness, rebellion, banish all white men from the West Indies, and make it all one Hayti, with little or no sugar-growing, black Peter exterminating black Paul, and, where a garden of the Hesperides might be, nothing but a tropical dog-kennel and pestiferous jungle -- does he think that will forever continue pleasant to gods and men? I see men, the rose-pink cant all peeled away from them, land one day on those black coasts; men sent by the laws of this universe, and the inexorable course of things; men hungry for gold, remorseless, fierce as old buccaneers were -- and a doom for Quashee, which I had rather not contemplate! The gods are long-suffering; but the law, from the beginning, was, He that will not work shall perish from the earth -- and the patience of the gods has limits!" -- Thomas Carlyle

TLDR: Niggers are lazy, so you have to force them to work and behave or they'll turn developed nations into shitholes.

Libertarians, mainstream conservatives and progressives both get this issue wrong, but in different ways. Conservatives and libertarians believe that Dindu has agency, but that his failures are due to welfare programs. If only we stopped giving them free money, they could achieve. Or something. Progressives are simply evolved from libertarians. Upon seeing that freedom didn't elevate Dindu to the highest levels of civilization, they decided that there were invisible knapsacks magically oppressing dark people from Detroit to Zimbabwe to Haiti.

So, how do we make progressives realize that they could better pursue their pathological altruism in a way that would be better for whites and non-whites alike? How do we transfer this telescopic philanthropy from projecting agency to imposing it?

Voodoo as practiced in Haiti.